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Adhesive – When your blog needs an introduction paragraph.

Posted on Sep 20th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    StickyOne things that blogs lack is an easy way to add an introduction paragraph to the beginning of the index page. However, there are may solutions, including Adhesive.

    Adhesive allows the user to create a ‘sticky’ post that will always show up as the first post on the homepage. This can then be used for an introduction/welcome paragraph that gives your visitors a bit of an explanation of what your blog is about.

    This is especially useful for any blogs that function as a full fledged website. Giving the users a short explanation of what the site is about can be much more informative than just showing the last 10 posts.

    If you have a bit of programming knowledge, a little PHP can help you discover and style the sticky post also. This will set it apart from the other posts so it feels like a separate entity and not just a blog post.

    If you’ve used other Adhesive type plugins, please share your experiences.

    I plan on installing Adhesive in the near future and you can see how it works. Until, then head over to the Adhesive site and check it out.

    Actually, the Adhesive site is down. However, I have a download available so that you can check out Adhesive 3.2 (zip).

    [update] The official Subversion repository (the location of all prior and subsequent versions) for Adhesive is here and remains online.  -Thanks for the note Owen.