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Agency + Client = Superhero Link Building Team

Posted on May 8th, 2008
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    Two heads are better than one. How many times have we all heard that in our lives?  When having a brainstorming session, it helps to bounce ideas off of one another to generate the best possible solution. Even when saving the world, is it always important to have a sidekick. Or a team of sidekicks.


    The same is true of link building teams. It can be considered a general rule of thumb to say “the more, the merrier” when it comes to the size of a team working on link building, social media and content promotion. An experienced team working together will generate far more inbound links and traffic to the target website than just one person – bent over a desk, Red Bull in hand, click-clacking away on the keyword.

    When it comes to link building for clients, there are two important questions:

    Q: Who knows the client’s business best?

    A: The Client. Hands down.

    Q: Who knows link building and online promotions best?

    A: The SEO Agency. Hands down.

    One popular misconception is that some companies think it is a good idea to take their SEO and link building 100% in-house. On the surface, this might seem logical. However, the cost of hiring an entry-level person to take on this brand new role, learn and experiment with it on company time is just as high as pulling a seasoned marketing pro away from their traditional marketing job and training them up on SEO. Training seminars and conferences offer robust information, but without experience, the practical SEO knowledge won’t be there until months or years down the road.

    Hiring an experienced agency to tackle SEO content promotion and linking needs is roughly equivalent to  one or two entry-level employees’ salary. With a SEO agency, the client will receive years of SEO, link building and online marketing experience from a team of experienced professionals.

    The company also benefits from the knowledge SEO agency staff gain by working on many different clients in many different industries. Agencies (like TopRank) are prone to allocating budget and staff to staying up to date on current trends and tactics. The output of that experimentation is information passed along to the client to benefit their SEO and online promotions campaigns.

    By conducting training sessions with clients on fundamental linking efforts, the client gains a bit of experience and appreciate. Feeling involved in what is working from a linking perspective reinforces that they are getting their money’s worth from their SEO agency.

    “Two heads are better than one”: When both client and agency are working their link building and online promotions magic, everyone wins!

    As an example, recent training sessions with one of our clients has measurably contributed to the number of inbound links and online brand awareness achieved. Sites we’ve targeted with online promotions have become the top referring sources of traffic and have stayed there for months.

    In another example, we conducted link building and content promotion training with a large client, who was very grateful to have the knowledge and to understand the backbone of what our agency were doing.

    When it came down to it, the client was wearing too many hats to take on linking and content promotion.  After budget meetings, presentations, product updates, traditional marketing and advertising, the client was all too happy to turn the link building efforts back over to us and we were more than willing to complete it. Client meetings go a bit smoother as the in-house team better understands exactly what we are doing for them and what it takes to complete.

    By overseeing all linking efforts, the SEO agency brings in unique experience and the up-to-date knowledge of what is hot in the online marketing industry. The client gains knowledge and a bit of experience themselves. With our powers combined, client and agency can tackle most any linking obstacle.