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A-to-Z Internet Marketing News: Google Redesign, Cyber Monday, Speed Linking, Self Serve Twitter Ads, Damn Humans

Posted on Dec 2nd, 2011
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • A-to-Z Internet Marketing News: Google Redesign, Cyber Monday, Speed Linking, Self Serve Twitter Ads, Damn Humans
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    As I’m sure you’ve noticed we’re trying something a little different this week.  Lee tasked me with creating a weekly news round up to share on the TopRank Blog.  Who doesn’t love news?  I thought this would be a good opportunity to share with our readers some information that has been released this week that we think is newsworthy.   Happy reading!

    Belly up to the New Google Bar:
    “The Next Stage In Our Redesign” 
    Over the past six months Google has been working on transitioning the look and feel for a bunch of their products.  Google has now announced the next stage of their design which includes a new Google bar that will enable users to navigate quickly between services and sharing on Google+.  This article also includes a sneak peak of what the changes will look like.  Via the official Google Blog

    All the Fun of Shopping Without the Pepper Spray:
    “Cyber Monday Spending Hits $1.25 Billion to Rank as Heaviest U.S. Online Spending Day in History” 
    The 2011 holiday season has already generated over $15 Billion dollars in online sales.  Cyber Monday alone reached an estimated $1.25 in online spending which is 22% increase from 2010.  This marks the second day on record that online sales have surpassed the billion-dollar threshold.  This report provides a wealth of information on online spending for 2010 and 2011.  Via comScore.

    Speedy Link Tools Are Good To Find:
    “18 Tools to Speed Up Link Building”  
     Anyone who has done link building knows that it can become a very time consuming task.  SEO Consultant Justin Briggs has compiled a list of tools that if used correctly can speed up this monotonous task.  Via Justin Briggs Blog.

    Good Ads Come to Those Who Wait:
    “Twitter Tests Self-Serve Ad Platform – Finally” 
    A group of select marketers are now able to test Twitters long awaited Self-Serve ad platform.  The launch of Twitters initial platform in 2010 was a waiting game and left many marketers wanting more.  The process involved filling out an online form an waiting to hear back from Twitter’s sales team.  With ad revenue estimated to reach $400 Million in 2013 it’s a good thing Twitter is creating a platform to improve usability.  Via ClickZ.

    Damn Humans:
    “Biggest Digital Transformation Hurdle: People, Not Tech”  
    A recent report by the MIT Center for Digital Business and GapGemini Consulting found that people not technology is the largest hurdle to making the transition to digital.  The study focused on analytics, social media, mobile, and embedded devices.  Of all of the executives who were surveyed for this study not one of them felt that their innovation culture was as strong as it could be.  Via InformationWeek 

    What were some of your favorite news stories this week? What do you think of this format? News is new to TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog, so we’d love your feedback.