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A to Z Internet Marketing News: Tacky Social PR, Can You Measure Up, Is Sales #1?, Sharing 2011, Email/Social Become One

Posted on Dec 16th, 2011
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • A to Z Internet Marketing News: Tacky Social PR, Can You Measure Up, Is Sales #1?, Sharing 2011, Email/Social Become One
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    Data for Social Shares in 2011

    2011 Social Sharing Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

    A new infographic recently released by Clearspring provides a good overview of social sharing in the past year.  I especially liked the breakdown of shares by social media platform.

    Facts You May Not Know You Didn’t Know:

    • 73% of the top 10 shares were related to death & disaster
    • Twitter makes up 52% of sharing in Japan
    • Google sharing declines by 8% even with the addition of the +1 button

    Is Google Scheming on Your Location?

    “Google follows Currents launch with activity-recommendation tool Schemer and face recognition on Google+ Econsultancy” If you want to try out the new location based tool recently released by Google, get in line.  Currently in beta testing mode “Schemer” is an online application that allows users to make plans and explore suggestions for things to do.   In addition to launching new services Google+ is also putting it’s best face forward with a facial recognition feature.  Sounds like Google’s been busy!  But will it pay off in the end?  Via Econsultancy.

    To Post or Not to Post – Is That the Question?

    “Should you Post Press Releases in Social Media?”   We’ve all read them, and some of us may be guilty of writing them.  Dull and sometimes self serving press releases hit the inbox of reporters and news wires on a daily basis.  Some professionals have even begun using social media platforms to re-share the same information.  However, is a social media channel the right place for sharing a news release?  SPOLIER ALERT: The jury is still out.  Via Forbes.

    Bet Your Bottom Dollar We’re Investing in Social & Email

    “Marketers to Integrate Social Media and Email in 2012” It is no surprise that companies are continuing to invest in social media and email marketing strategies.  What you may find surprising is that over 68% of people surveyed are planning to integrate their social and email campaigns in 2012.  Overall, marketing budgets for 2012 appear to be on the upswing with 51% planning to increase marketing budgets in the new year.  Via MarketingProfs.

    When it Comes to Measurement Take the Road Less Traveled

    “The Social Media Measurement Imperative: Building Business Value” eMarketers recent interview with Irfan Kamal from Ogilby & Mather provides some good insight into measurement of online initiatives.  Irfran says that “we are measuring just because we can measure, instead of measuring what we need to measure.”  Moral of the story, the easiest data to collect may not be the data that truly has an impact on your bottom line.  Via eMarketer.

    Is Sales Getting the Boot?

    “2012 B2B Marketing Predictions – Will Marketers Leave Sales Behind?”   From the looks of 2012’s predictions it appears that marketers may be getting so caught up in digital marketing that sales are now taking a back seat.  It may be too early to tell but I hope that companies plan to focus on the convergence of sales and marketing, not one or the other as a stand alone solution for increasing revenue.  Via B2B Marketing Insider.

    Were there any other newsworthy items you read this week and would like to share with our readers?  Also, what are some of your marketing predictions for 2012? Enjoy your weekend!  We’ll see you next week.