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B2B Search Engine Optimization: Focus on Content SEO

Posted on Apr 30th, 2010
Written by Lee Odden
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    MarketingProfs B2B Forum is coming up quickly next week and I will be presenting about an hour of essential search engine optimization tips and insight specifically for B2B web sites along with Vocus Product Manager of PRWeb, Jiyan Wei.

    There’s a tremendous opportunity for B2B marketers to leverage SEO to increase prospect acquisition and to facilitate after the sale support and upgrades.  Most B2B marketers create a substantial amount of content to guide prospects through sales cycles that are much longer than companies selling consumer products/services.

    While much of that content is published online, most of it isn’t optimized for search and digital assets are often ignored as potential traffic drivers via search.  In this session, we’ll focus on core SEO to help make a website’s content search engine friendly and talk about best and worst B2B SEO practices for processes to optimize content for better search results. The PRWeb case study will show how they worked to refine their content management system overall so it would be technically search engine friendly. Other topics include: large website issues, duplicate content and what to consider when planning a website redesign.

    Specific topics we’ll be discussing include:

    B2B Content Optimization Strategy & Core SEO

    • Optimized Content Strategy
    • Core SEO (Keywords, Content, Technical & Links)
    • B2B SEO Best & Worst Practices Examples

    Large B2B Website and Publisher SEO

    • Challenges you may run into if you have a large website
    • Duplicate content issues
    • Planning a redesign of your existing website (Migration Plan)

    PRWeb as a Case study

    • PRWeb experience with SEO during site design, CMS updates
    • Technical SEO tips, sitemaps, site architecture

    Focus on B2B SEO Best Practices

    • Best Practices Content SEO for B2B
    • Best Practices with Content Management Systems
    • Best Practices B2B SEO Measurement & Analytics

    Then we’ll wind things up with about 1/2 hour of Q and A. If you’re a B2B marketer with a small or enterprise level web site, this is a must attend session and definitely an important conference to attend. We hope you can make it.