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The New Kingdom of Content for B2B Marketing – TopRank at B2B Ignite London

Posted on Jun 23rd, 2023
Written by Lee Odden
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  • The New Kingdom of Content for B2B Marketing – TopRank at B2B Ignite London
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    As we sink into the realm of “do more with less” in B2B Marketing, the shiny sirens of generative AI content are all around us. But the way to rule a B2B brand’s content kingdom is not artificial. It is through a hybrid of humanity and technology that B2B marketers can effectively attract, engage and pull prospects over the line to become customers in this time of challenge and change.

    But what does this art and science B2B marketer look like? How can a hybrid approach make our content smarter, more meaningful and powerful?

    Kingdom of Content for B2B Marketing in 2023 Presentation
    That’s exactly what I will be sharing in my presentation at the 2023 B2B Ignite conference in London. This will be my second time presenting at the event in the UK and I’m excited to share how our team at TopRank Marketing are helping client brands like Adobe EMEA and LinkedIn achieve significant wins with trusted, best answer content that is data informed and optimized for the experiences buyers are looking for.

    Joel Harrison and Lee Odden at BtoB Summit Paris 2023

    Joel Harrison & Lee Odden at BtoB Summit Paris

    Beyond sharing the learnings of our B2B marketing agency and clients, I am looking forward to learning from the excellent roster of speakers my pal Joel Harrison has lined up for the event. I had the pleasure of keynoting the BtoB Summit conference in Paris along with Joel and he’s a tough act to follow.

    Here are some of the sessions I am looking forward to at B2B Ignite in London for 2023:

    Reimagining the relationship between marketing and our buyers
    Antonia Wade
    Global chief marketing officer at PwC

    The Three Alignments: How AI drives dramatic revenue production outcomes
    Kerry Cunningham
    Research & Thought Leadership, 6sense

    Mastering marketing in a tech-driven world: Fall in love with the problem, not the solution
    Edward Greig
    Chief Disruptor, Deloitte

    How to integrate AI into your content team – and keep everyone’s job
    Ben Lee
    PR & Content Manager, Bidwells

    How storytelling can help you do more with less
    Anthony Tasgal
    Trainer, Author, Strategist at POV Marketing and Research Ltd

    MASTERCLASS: Value marketing framework: How to create a value-based Marketing Strategy through CX
    Barbara Stewart
    Propolis Expert for Customer Experience, B2B Marketing

    WORKSHOP: How to deploy and maintain a best-in-class social selling program
    Dan Swift
    CEO, Numentum

    ROUNDTABLE: Aligning communities and experiences to drive marketing ROI
    Michael Barnett
    CEO, InGo

    If you are attending B2B Ignite in London in 2023, I hope to see you at the conference. There will be two days jam packed with all the information B2B marketers will need to succeed in 2023 and beyond.

    And if you are keen on leaning into more data informed and credible content that helps your B2B brand become the best answer for your customers, then don’t miss my presentation on Thursday June 29 at 2:00pm: The New Kingdom of Content in 2023 and How to Wear the Crown. I hope to see you there!