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One Simple Step to Elevate the Practice of B2B Influencer Marketing

Posted on Oct 4th, 2021
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • One Simple Step to Elevate the Practice of B2B Influencer Marketing
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    The uncertainty of 2020 created an environment of rapid digital transformation for B2B brands that impacted every area of business including marketing. B2B brands pivoted pre-pandemic marketing strategies to new go to market models for a digital first customer that in many cases is less trusting of traditional sources of information and paying more attention to industry peers, experts and influencers.

    So what do these changes mean for the rest of 2021 and into 2022? Will B2B marketers continue to rely on partnering with trusted voices in the industry to drive full funnel impact for their marketing? Answers to these questions and more are essential in order for B2B brands to continue in their efforts to innovate on marketing effectiveness, differentiate from the competition and accelerate the sales journey. B2B marketing has evolved over the past 18 months and will continue to evolve with your help.

    To do that, we invite you to help elevate the practice of B2B Influencer Marketing by sharing your experience and opinions in the 2021 B2B influencer marketing survey.

    For more perspective, watch the video below to hear directly from our chief executive Lee Odden about why you should share your experience and contribute to shaping the future of B2B influencer marketing:

    Hi, I’m Lee Odden, CEO and co-founder of TopRank Marketing. In 2020, before COVID, our survey of hundreds of B2B marketers found that 96% that work with influencers found their efforts to be successful.

    This is an overwhelming amount of confidence, but is it still true in 2021? Will it be true in 2022?

    We’d love to hear your opinion on this and many more important questions about the role of influence in B2B marketing by taking the second annual B2B Influencer Marketing survey.

    With fresh insights from B2B marketers like yourself, we’ll be able to provide an analysis for post-COVID influencer strategies, tactics, measurement, technology and more for 2022 and beyond.

    I invite you to take the survey using the link below. It takes just a few minutes. You can get early access to the report which will include rich data, case studies, and insights from some of the top voices in the B2B marketing world on the future of influence.

    Together we can elevate the practice of influencer marketing for B2B brands. Thank you!

    Your contribution to this year’s survey will help our team identify the key strategies, trends and best practices that will propel B2B marketing forward in 2022 and beyond. We’ll pull those insights into a special report, The State of B2B Influencer Marketing Research Report which you can get early access to when you take the survey. The report will feature important data about the current and future state of influencer marketing for B2B companies as well as case studies you can learn from and contributions from top B2B marketing experts and practitioners.

    Go ahead, take the State of B2B Influencer Marketing Survey today!