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Listen Up: Why B2B Marketers Are Embracing #InternationalPodcastDay

Posted on Sep 29th, 2021
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Listen Up: Why B2B Marketers Are Embracing #InternationalPodcastDay
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    Why are more B2B marketers than ever before embracing podcasts?

    As we celebrate #InternationalPodcastDay — which takes place on Thursday, September 30 — let’s look at the many benefits podcasting holds for B2B marketers, and explore a selection of top marketing podcasts from TopRank Marketing, plus other podcasts from a range of other great marketing leaders across the industry.

    When it comes to learning, marketing podcasts are a powerful way to find new takes and tactics for your B2B marketing. They’re also good for picking up new marketing ideas and getting fresh perspectives you might not otherwise find.

    Let’s explore how optimism for podcasting marketing and advertising has seen significant growth, take a look at several B2B-marketing-specific podcasts, dig in to examples of other podcasts that can help all marketers learn and grow their craft, and also learn how to go about crafting and promoting a successful B2B marketing podcast.

    Growing Optimism For Podcast Marketing & Advertising

    When it comes to B2B marketing, utilizing podcasts to promote brand content also offers a wide array of benefits — advantages that have grown during the pandemic .

    Spotify’s podcast listener numbers are expected to increase to 37.5 million by 2023, and to overtake Apple by the end of 2021, in a booming market that is expected to see ad spending of more than $1.5 billion by 2022, according to forecast data.

    Mobile spending for podcast advertising has also driven increasing optimism among marketers, with 57 percent of mobile advertisers noting that they plan to increase podcast ad spending in the next 6 months, according to survey data.

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    Our Leading B2B Marketing Podcasts

    When is comes to podcasts specific to the B2B marketing industry, we’ve got you covered with two distinct flavors of powerful podcast episodes.

    First up is our TopRank Marketing Inside B2B Influence series of podcasts, which are also available in video form, each featuring a powerhouse B2B marketing industry leader interviewed by our own chief executive and co-founder Lee Odden.

    Inside B2B Influence has 17 episodes and counting from two seasons, with the latest two offerings featuring Brian Solis of Salesforce and Sarita Rao of AT&T.

    You’ll find them all at our Inside B2B Influence podcast show page.

    On tap next is our series of Break Free B2B Marketing podcasts, offering three chock-full seasons of subject matter experts, influencers, and future-thinkers each sharing the unique ways they’ve broken free, along with insight on how you can do the same for yourself, your brand, and your business.

    You’ll find over 40 episodes at our Break Free B2B Marketing podcast show page.

    Even More Marketing Industry Podcasts to Learn From

    The following articles we’ve published explore a bountiful harvest of additional podcasts that marketers can learn from, including examples from the SAP Tech Unknown podcast* and 3M’s Science Champions podcast*, along with more than 35 other podcasts:

    Crafting Podcasts For B2B Marketers

    B2B marketers are increasingly utilizing podcasts to promote brand content, and have more often than not successfully reaped the numerous benefits that top-quality podcasting offers.

    We’ve explored how B2B marketers can benefit from podcasting, both in the form of co-created content marketing and as more traditional digital brand assets, such as the following eight articles detailing how B2B marketers can go about crafting and promoting business podcasts:

    “Remember, podcasting is not a zero sum game; people who listen to one podcast are more likely, not less, to listen to more.” — Joshua Nite @NiteWrites Share on X

    Amaze With Powerful B2B Marketing Podcast Content

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    Whether you’re just beginning your journey into B2B marketing podcasting or are an old pro who’s explored the universe of podcasting and beyond, as we celebrate this year’s #InternationalPodcastingDay we hope you’ve found new insight and inspiration in the examples we’ve shared.

    Crafting award-winning B2B marketing takes considerable time and effort, which is why many firms choose to work with a top digital marketing agency such as TopRank Marketing. Talk with us about how we can help, as we’ve done for businesses ranging from LinkedIn, Dell and 3M to Adobe, Oracle, and others.

    *SAP and 3M are TopRank Marketing clients