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B2B Marketing eBook: Inspiration From 14 Marketing Influencers

Posted on Feb 3rd, 2015
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    The digital marketing industry is shaped by great minds that, while keeping one eye on the work at hand, are focusing the other on the future. These great minds help us see “what’s next” and inspire us to create the next level of content for marketing.

    For inspiration on B2B Marketing in 2015, look no further than the experts in “B2B Marketing 2015: 14 Visions of the Future You Can Use Today“. These B2B savants see a future in which content is co-created with brands, employees, customers and influencers. They see a future in which company data is used to shape conversations in real-time. Their future borrows from B2C marketing by humanizing the B2B journey and creating user experiences for buyers, not just companies.

    Today’s release of TopRank Marketing’s latest visual eBook features quotes from 14 forward-looking B2B marketing professionals from top marketing brands that include: MarketingProfs, Salesforce ExactTarget, LinkedIn and more. Here’s the full list:

    Ann Handley, @AnnHandley
    Joel Book, @joelbook
    Tom Webster, @webby2001
    Steve Garfield, @stevengarfield
    Kerry O’Shea Gorgone, @KerryGorgone
    Jim Greenway, @wowjim
    Jon Miller, @jonmiller
    Jeannine Rossignol, @j9rossignol
    Seth Lieberman, @sethwlieberman
    Susan Emerick, @sfemerick
    Jennifer Sable Lopez, @jennita
    Jason Miller, @JasonMillerCA
    Lee Odden, @leeodden
    Brian Massey, @bmassey

    Feeling inspired about B2B marketing in 2015?  To help your fellow marketers share some of this insight with their audiences on Twitter, we have created tweet-able quotes below:

    Tweet This: TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) will be replaced with GR;LI (Great Read; Loved It). @AnnHandley

    Tweet This: CMOs will be charged with creating customer service communications, becoming the Chief Journey Officer. @joelbook

    Tweet This: B2B marketers should know as much about their buyers as B2C marketers know about theirs. — @webby2001

    Tweet This: B2B buyers will expect salespeople to be more like consultants that inform and guide them to a purchase decision. — @stevengarfield

    Tweet This: Mobile commerce will overtake traditional payment methods in the consumer space. B2B is next. @KerryGorgone

    Tweet This: B2B marketing winners will be the ones with the stronger social connections to the market. @wowjim

    Tweet This: Evolved marketing automation will use predictive analytics to deliver personalized interactions. @jonmiller

    Tweet This: There will be no distinction between B2B or B2C. Everything is marketed to the individual. @j9rossignol

    Tweet This: CMOs will take the lead for promotions to CEO positions, thus elevating everyone in marketing. @sethwlieberman

    Tweet This: Employee advocacy is picking up steam and will become the next big social media mega trend. @sfemerick

    Tweet This: Companies will quickly turn customer data into real-time, relevant content for their communities. @jennita

    Tweet This: B2B companies will hire B2C agencies for fresh perspectives and new ideas. @JasonMillerCA

    Tweet This: By co-creating content, marketers will increase quality and effectiveness while elevating relationships. @leeodden

    Tweet This: Marketers who realize B2B buyers are ‘human’ and not companies will create engaging, effective content. @bmassey

    Savvy marketers will do well to latch on to what these visionaries have to say, because the future is being shaped one editorial calendar, one blog post and one tweet at a time. To learn more from these and other content marketing visionaries, check out these events coming up this year:

    Social Media Marketing World
    March 25-27, San Diego

    Content Marketing World
    Sept. 8-11, Cleveland

    MarketingProfs’ B2B Forum 2015
    Oct. 20 – 23, Boston