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B2B Marketing News: Trust in 2021, Top Content Marketing Goals, Twitter Alternative, Cookieless Targeting

Posted on Jan 22nd, 2021
Written by Lee Odden
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  • B2B Marketing News: Trust in 2021, Top Content Marketing Goals, Twitter Alternative, Cookieless Targeting
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    Edelman 2021 Trust Barometer

    2021 Edelman Trust Barometer: Plague of mistrust follows COVID-19
    After a year of unprecedented disaster and turbulence – the Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis, the global outcry over systemic racism and political instability – the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals an epidemic of misinformation and widespread mistrust of societal institutions and leaders around the world. Edelman

    What Are B2B Marketing Leaders Measuring: Five Key Takeaways from Forrester’s SiriusDecisions 2020 Metrics Study
    Forrester’s study asked worldwide B2B leaders which metrics appear on their company’s top-level dashboards. Key insights include: Leadership attention is precious, High-growth companies focus more on the customer lifecycle and others. Forbes

    New Study from SEMRush Shares Top Goals for Content Marketers in 2021
    79% more quality leads, 74% more website traffic, 57% improve brand reputation, 47% improve customer engagement and loyalty. eMarketer

    Twitter Is Helping To Build An Alternative To Twitter, Says CEO Jack Dorsey
    The move by Twitter on @bluesky is one of several in the works by blockchain developers in the wake of the takedowns by social media services and providers like Amazon. The surprise is that Twitter would contribute to a concept that may lead to its own demise. Deadline

    88% of marketers say collecting first-party data is a 2021 priority, Merckle study says
    Forty-one percent of marketers say digital media activation will be the area most impacted due to the rise of privacy-related data restrictions, per Merkle’s 2021 Customer Engagement Report that was emailed to Marketing Dive. In addition, web analytics (39%), digital media measurement (35%) and direct marketing activation (35%), among other areas, are expected to be impacted. MarketingDive

    Buyer Survey: Global Digital Spend To Rise 18% In 2021
    Global digital advertising growth is expected to accelerate to about 18% year-over-year during 2021, up from about 10% growth in 2020 — and continue to show annual growth in the low double digits over the next five years, according to Cowen’s 9th Annual Ad Outlook report. MediaPost

    LinkedIn Launches ‘LinkedIn Marketing Labs’ to Provide Education on the Platform’s Ad Tools
    LinkedIn has launched a new education platform to help marketers learn more about effective use of LinkedIn ads, and the tactics that they can employ to generate better results. Social Media Today

    Comscore To Intro Cookie-Less Targeting Solution
    Comscore announced that it will launch a cookie-free audience targeting solution sometime during the first quarter, called Predictive Audiences. MediaPost

    The Big Trends That Will Influence Creativity in 2021, According to Adobe Stock
    The creative trends slated to dominate 2021 include compassionate, psychedelic, gradient and electronic audio content, according to Adobe Stock, the software company’s stock image platform. The 2021 Visual & Creative Trends Report is an annual forecast compiled by Adobe Stock’s creative team informed by consumer behavior from the previous year. AdWeek

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    Father of the Web Tim Berners-Lee prepares ‘do-over’.
    Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the British computer scientist who was knighted for inventing the internet navigation system known as the World Wide Web, wants to re-make cyberspace once again with a new startup called Inrupt, which aims to combat walled gardens with personal data pods, easier authentication, and greater user control. Reuters

    The State of Mobile 2021
    2020 saw an acceleration of mobile usage habits by 2 to 3 years — strengthening mobile’s role as the most crucial instrument for engaging customers. This new report features in-depth analyses from 11 industries and 30 markets in an interactive format allowing for deeper dives into the rich data and insights. App Annie

    Marketers’ Top Digital Transformation Priority? The Customer Experience
    If COVID-19 has spurred anything along in a positive way it’s been digital transformation according to The Marketer’s Toolkit 2021 from WARC. The new report found that 93% of the more than 1,000 global marketing executives surveyed agreed that the pace of digital transformation has been hastened by COVID-19.

    Twitter Shares Planning Guide for Your 2021 Tweet Strategy.
    The team at Twitter has compiled some of their best Twitter tips and tools into a new 108-page guide, the 2021 Twitter Planner, to help marketers get ready for 2021. Twitter Business

    What Video Marketers Should Know in 2021, According to Wyzowl Research
    Video remains a key priority for marketers with usage and spend both, overall, increasing slightly throughout 2020, and plans to increase again in the next 12 months. HubSpot

    YouTube Analytics Adds ‘First 24 Hours’ Metric.
    First day performance data joins the new ability to compare metrics between two videos in YouTube update.
    Search Engine Journal


    Culture of New Ideas - Tom Fishburne
    Culture of New Ideas
     by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist


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