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B2B Marketing News: Brand Social Media Expectations Study, Google Postpones Cookie Changes, & B2B Buyer Behavior Report

Posted on Jun 25th, 2021
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • B2B Marketing News: Brand Social Media Expectations Study, Google Postpones Cookie Changes, & B2B Buyer Behavior Report
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    2021 June 25 Sprout Social Chart

    Google delays blocking third-party cookies in Chrome until 2023
    Google has announced that it will postpone its previously-announced abandonment of third-party tracking cookies in its Chrome web browser, a change that will now not take place until 2023, the search giant has revealed. The postponement has given marketers additional time to work on and implement alternative tracking methods. The Verge

    US ranks last among 46 countries in trust in media, Reuters Institute report finds
    29 percent of U.S. consumers say they trust the news media, a figure that is the lowest of any nation in the newly-released annual report from Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford. The report also showed that the pandemic has brought about rapid adoption of new digital consumption behaviors, among other insights of interest to digital marketers. The Poynter Institute

    Ad Spending Surges 56% In May, All Media Except Magazines Rise
    Advertising spending in the U.S. in May jumping by 56 percent year-over-year, topping April’s 53 percent rise, according to recently-released ad spend data of interest to online marketers. The data also shows that digital ad spending in the U.S. climbed at an even higher 69 percent in May. MediaPost

    Facebook launches Clubhouse-like live audio rooms and podcasts
    Facebook has rolled out its take on live audio rooms similar to features made popular by audio-call-based social communication firm Clubhouse, and has also launched new podcast and related monetization features on the platform, Facebook recently announced. Reuters

    DOA Emails: Consumers Say Only 5% Of Messages Are Well-Timed To Their Needs
    Just five percent of consumers say that email offerings they get are well-timed to mesh with their needs, while some 83 percent will, however, purchase from firms that are sending relevant messages — two of several statistics of interest to digital marketers in newly-released email marketing survey data. MediaPost

    Consumers are hungry for live events. Here’s how brands should respond
    87 percent of consumers say they are willing to use technology while attending live events, with more than half noting that they appreciate the flexibility that hybrid events bring — two of numerous insights in recently-released survey data examining changing expectations for events and digital experiences. Campaign US

    2021 June 25 Statistics Image

    2021 State of B2B Digital Marketing [Report]
    The number one digital marketing trend B2B brands are prioritizing is the utilization of new social platforms, while 57 percent of marketers said that social media was seen as the area of digital customer experience that had the most impact on overall strategic success, according to newly-released B2B digital marketing report data. Wpromote

    YouTube Adds New Control Options for Shorts Remixes, Tests Shorts Analytics in the Main App
    Google’s YouTube video platform has updated its main mobile app, adding a slew of new features including bulk audio sampling blocking, additional video usage statistic data, and video remixing options for its Shorts feature, the video giant recently announced. Social Media Today

    B2B Buyers Say These Vendor Behaviors Are Immediate Deal-Killers
    B2B buyers say that misleading information and not understanding their needs are the two top B2B seller behaviors that will end the possibility of doing business, followed by sellers that don’t understand their own product or service, according to recently-released survey data. MarketingCharts

    New Report Looks at Evolving Consumer Expectations From Brands on Social Media [Infographic]
    90 percent of consumers will purchase from brands they follow on social, while a leading 33 percent say they prefer social media for reaching out with customer service questions — two of many statistics of interest to online marketers in the latest survey report from Sprout Social. Social Media Today


    2021 June 25 Marketoonist Comic

    A lighthearted look at the “customer lifetime value” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Gamer Captures Bigfoot at Atrocious 1080p Resolution — Hard Drive


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