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B2B Marketing News: B2B Lead Nurturing, Rising Influencer Spending, Cannes Creativity Report, & Google’s Search Console Update

Posted on Sep 16th, 2022
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • B2B Marketing News: B2B Lead Nurturing, Rising Influencer Spending, Cannes Creativity Report, & Google’s Search Console Update
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    2022 September 16 MarketingCharts Chart

    Cannes Lions Issues Annual Creativity Report
    The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity recently published its annual creativity report, showcasing 76 pages of branded marketing and communications trends from this year’s event, which for the first time featured dedicated B2B marketing categories in the form of 11 Cannes Creative B2B Lions awards. MediaPost

    Instagram remains the undefeated champ of influencer spend
    U.S. influencer marketing spending has been forecast to hit $6 billion by 2023, an increase from this year’s $4.6 billion estimate, driven by digital marketers looking to turn towards more cost effective solutions, according to newly-released forecast data. Insider Intelligence

    “There is an opportunity for B2B marketers to leverage both micro-influencers AND community with 'community led growth' initiatives.” — Dominique Lahaix @Dominiq Share on X

    Microsoft Platform Allows Advertisers To Run Ads On Bing, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
    Microsoft has rolled out the ability for marketers to spread advertising budgets across an array of social and search channels — notably including Google Search — with the launch of its new Smart Campaigns multi-platform, Microsoft recently announced. MediaPost

    Meta Adds ‘Community Chats’ on Messenger as it Searches for New Ways to Prop Up Falling Engagement
    Facebook parent firm Meta has begun rolling out a new feature that is a conglomerate hybrid of Facebook Groups and Messenger, offering marketers and brands new topically-related chatting options, Meta announced recently. Social Media Today

    Google-Kantar Study Defines ‘Budget Agile,’ Finds Strategy Improves Campaign Performance
    31 percent of marketers that possess budget agility have said that they incorporate formal marketing planning monthly in order to align strategy and budget allocation, a process that only 18 percent of non-budget-agile marketers follow — one of several findings of interest to B2B marketers contained in newly-released Google report data. MediaPost

    As ad budgets are slashed in the absence of cash, marketers are ‘bartering’ influencers
    Some marketers are finding additional flexibility and opportunities when working with influencers during a period that has seen reduced advertising budgets for some, and DigiDay takes are look at some of the implications, opportunities, and challenges affecting influencer partnerships. DigiDay

    2022 September 16 Statistics Image

    The new HTTPS report in Search Console
    Search giant Google has begun rolling out a new Search Console feature aimed at pinpointing which of a website’s pages use the HTTPS secure protocol for transfers, and which don’t — a helpful addition for marketers and brands seeking to adhere to Google’s page experience guidelines, Google recently announced. Google Search Central

    Amazon Now Consumers’ Most-Preferred Ad Environment, While Instagram Is Marketers’
    When it comes to the online destinations where customers are the most receptive to advertising, Amazon has garnered the top spot, having surpassed TikTok, Spotify, Google, and Snapchat, according to newly-published survey data of interest to digital marketers. MediaPost

    Twitter Will Now Let You Schedule Up to 10 Spaces Broadcasts at a Time
    Twitter has rolled out a new feature that will allow users to natively schedule up to 10 Twitter Spaces audio broadcasts and events, up to a month in advance — replacing a previous system that only allowed one at a time, Twitter recently announced. Social Media Today

    B2B Marketers Are Employing A Variety of Lead Nurturing Campaigns
    43 percent of B2B marketers have said that they use early-stage lead nurturing campaigns, with 42 percent using new customer and on-boarding campaigns, while 34 percent utilize advanced-stage tactics, according to newly-released survey data. Building campaign timing and workflow and developing targeted content for each buyer stage are top nurturing challenges, the survey also showed. MarketingCharts


    2022 September 16 Marketoonist Comic Image

    A lighthearted look at “Competitor Myopia” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Apple Announces New iPhones Will No Longer Be Compatible With Human Hand — The Onion


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