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B2B Marketing News: Google Faces Monopoly Probe, Sophisticated B2B Attribution Models Study, & LinkedIn’s New Video Meeting Options

Posted on Oct 23rd, 2020
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • B2B Marketing News: Google Faces Monopoly Probe, Sophisticated B2B Attribution Models Study, & LinkedIn’s New Video Meeting Options
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    2020 October 16 Hootsuite Chart

    Most B2B Demand Gen Pros Use Sophisticated Attribution Models
    Some 43 percent of B2B demand generation buyers say that they use advanced attribution models with multiple touchpoints, while 21 percent don’t have a campaign attribution model at all, according to recently-released data surveying B2B technology marketing and demand generation decision-makers. Marketing Charts

    LinkedIn Adds New Event Features, Rolls Out Video Meeting Options via LinkedIn Messages
    LinkedIn has launched an array of new event-related features, along with rolling out private messaging access to video from Zoom and other virtual meeting providers, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn (client) recently announced. Social Media Today

    Tubular Labs Launches Deduped Audience Ratings For Video On Facebook And YouTube
    A new effort from video intelligence firm Tubular Labs aims to deliver a more standardized video viewing metric across the Facebook and YouTube platforms, with support for Instagram forthcoming, the firm recently announced in a move of interest to digital marketers. AdExchanger

    US Justice Department Files Complaint Against Google Over Monopoly Tactics
    Google’s search dominance has led the U.S. Justice Department to file a complaint seeking yet-to-be-announced remedies, the department recently announced. Google responded by calling the complaint filing “deeply flawed,” the Alphabet-owned search giant announced. Social Media Today

    Instagram agrees curbs on paid influencers, says UK watchdog
    New technology to help spot undisclosed influencer social media posts will come to Instagram, Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) recently announced, as Instagram parent Facebook has begun working with the governmental group on efforts to increase transparency, the social media firm has said. Reuters

    Google Search Announcements: BERT, Passages & Subtopic Indexing & More
    Google has rolled out several new search-related features and updates, including Google Lens improvements, greater use of key moment chapters, and the addition of associated subtopics within search, the firm recently announced. SEO Roundtable

    2020 October 23 Statistics Image

    Facebook opens Messenger API to Instagram messaging for businesses
    Facebook has launched an updated Messenger API that will allow for new automated responses and other integration features that aim to ease business communication via Instagram, Facebook recently announced. VentureBeat

    Google Tests Ads In Google Maps Autocomplete Predictions
    Google has been spotted testing a potential new variety of advertising for its popular Google Maps product, which would allow advertisers to place ads that appear amidst autocomplete search prediction results as users type. SEO Roundtable

    Dropbox is the latest San Francisco tech company to make remote work permanent
    Dropbox has announced that it has made remote work a permanent part of the firm’s future, a shift that when combined with similar moves by other technology firms, has led some workers to leave the Bay Area, driving certain rent rates down 20 percent since last year. CNBC

    More than 50% of humans in the world use social media — here’s what you need to know [Hootsuite Study]
    During the second quarter of 2020 global social media advertising spending was down 13 percent over the same period last year, however the figure represents an improvement over last quarter’s drop of 19.2 percent globally — just one of numerous findings of interest to digital marketers contained in Hootsuite’s recently-released Digital 2020 October Global Statshot Report. The Next Web


    2020 October 23 Marketoonist Comic

    A lighthearted look at “generic advertising ‘in these uncertain times’” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Alexa Hilariously Disrupts Epic Moments in Droga5 London’s Ads About Voice Control — Adweek


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