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B2B Marketing News: B2B Email Investment Grows, LinkedIn’s Gen Z Insights, Brand Values Gain Ad-Buy Influence, & Influencer Pay Gaps

Posted on Dec 17th, 2021
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • B2B Marketing News: B2B Email Investment Grows, LinkedIn’s Gen Z Insights, Brand Values Gain Ad-Buy Influence, & Influencer Pay Gaps
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    2021 December 17 MarketingCharts Chart

    The 10 Sales Behaviors That Are Deal-Breakers for B2B Buyers
    55 percent of B2B buying decision makers have said that the top quality for salespeople when it comes to making a deal is an understanding of the business situation and needs, while 40 percent said that demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) was a key trait — two of several findings of interest to digital marketers contained in recently-released survey data. MarketingProfs

    LinkedIn Shares New Insights on How to Reach Gen Z Users on its Platform [Infographic]
    Microsoft-owned LinkedIn (client) has released new insight into how brands are increasing reach to Gen Z, which represents the fastest-growing demographic on the professional social platform. Just 21 percent of Gen Z users on the platform have said that they feel represented in advertising, while 57 percent have said that brands should be reliable, according to LinkedIn data. Social Media Today

    “Why are so few teens and young adults using #LinkedIn to grow their careers and networks?” — Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhan @aiaddysonzhang Share on X

    B2B Content Consumption Grew Again During the First Half of the Year
    B2B digital content viewing time grew by 63 percent during the first half of 2021 compared to 2020, with visitor traffic also up by some 55 percent, while online presentations achieved the greatest distribution gains over the past year, according to newly-released report data. MarketingCharts

    81% of marketers see brand values gain influence over ad buying, study finds
    60 percent of advertisers are willing to downgrade or leave media partners that don’t meet higher corporate responsibility and brand value standards — an increase of 18 percent from February 2020, according to recently-released brand value survey data of interest to digital marketers. Marketing Dive

    The Top Areas of B2B Marketing-Sales Alignment That Need Improvement
    48 percent of B2B marketers have said that lack of time is the primary impediment when it comes to achieving alignment with sales, while 32 percent say the area most needing improvement is mutual feedback between marketing and sales — two of several statistics of interest to online marketers featured among new survey data. MarketingProfs

    Microsoft Advertising Bing Search Ads New Asian, Latin, Women Owned & Diabetic-Friendly Attributes
    Microsoft has rolled out four new ownership attributes that allow digital search marketers to add greater specificity to Bing search ads on the Microsoft Advertising platform, the technology giant recently announced, including the ability to note women-owned and Asian-owned businesses, among 32 other attribution options. SEO Roundtable

    2021 December 17 Statistics Image

    Study Reveals Big Pay Gap Between Black And White Influencers
    An influencer pay gap of 29 percent between white and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) has been observed in newly-released survey data, topping typical pay gap amounts in a wide range of other industries. The report data also highlighted a desire for greater pay transparency among influencers. MediaPost

    Explainer Videos Prove Popular with Content Marketers
    65 percent of primarily B2B marketers who use video for content marketing have said they publish how-to or explainer videos, while 58 percent use interviews with influencers or subject matter experts — two of several insights of interest to digital marketers contained in recently-released survey data. MarketingCharts

    Email Will Receive Continuing Investment In Both B2B and B2C In 2022: Study
    40 percent of B2B marketers have said that newsletters play a critical role when it comes to top digital marketing channels, while the most-used channels include social media platforms and websites, according to newly-released HubSpot survey data. MediaPost

    B2B Supplier Websites Need to Improve in Some Areas, Buyers Say
    44 percent of B2B buyers have said that delivery and tracking are the leading customer experience challenges with supplier websites, followed by 39 percent who considered supplier relationships as the top obstacle, according to new B2B buyer survey data. MarketingCharts


    2021 December 17 Marketoonist Comic Image

    A lighthearted look at the “supply chain excuses” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Google Points To These Marketing Trends For 2022 — MediaPost


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