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B2B Marketing News: B2B Buyers Using More Channels, Brands Embrace Digital Personalization, & LinkedIn’s New Workplace Representation Efforts

Posted on Dec 31st, 2021
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • B2B Marketing News: B2B Buyers Using More Channels, Brands Embrace Digital Personalization, & LinkedIn’s New Workplace Representation Efforts
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    2021 December 31 McKinsey Chart

    Fiddling With First-Party: B2B Firms Face Corporate And Data Integration Hurdles
    41 percent of B2B brands have said they use first-party data for marketing segmentation, while 37 percent use it for sales outreach, and 36 percent for advertising and analytics — one of several findings of interest to B2B marketers contained in recently-released Dun & Bradstreet study data. MediaPost

    Oracle to Buy Cerner in $28B Health Care Play
    Oracle has announced that it will acquire medical records firm Cerner for some $28.3 billion, a move that will bring a vast expansion to Oracle’s health care segment and bolster the reach of both firms, following a similar move by Microsoft earlier this year, Oracle recently announced. CFO

    B2B Tech Sector Will Decline In 2022, But Rebound In 2023: Study
    The B2B technology category is forecast to see a two percent decrease in 2022 in the U.S., while accompanied by a three percent increase in overall sales placing the annual figure at some $106 billion, according to newly-released report data from the NPD Group. MediaPost

    YouTube Adds New Updates to YouTube Studio App, Bringing it More Into Line with the Desktop Version
    Google’s YouTube has rolled out new features to its mobile YouTube Studio app, which will bring B2B marketers the ability to perform more complex community comment filtering, along with several new analytics upgrades, YouTube recently announced. Social Media Today

    Study: Brands Are Making Personalization A New Priority
    During 2021 some 31 percent of brands said that they were able to personalize the majority of digital interactions, a figure that was up from 10 percent in 2020 — one of several statistics of interest to online marketers in recently-released survey data. MediaPost

    “You can't solve personalization before you solve customer understanding.” — Tom Treanor @RtMixMktg Share on X

    PR Pros to Turn More to Social Engagement to Measure Efforts
    60 percent of communications professionals have said that they plan to use social media engagement as a public relations (PR) metric in 2022, with 28 percent noting that they expect to report on consumer sentiment, according to newly-released survey data. MarketingCharts

    2021 December 31 Statistics Image

    Meta Unveils Future Ad Manager Updates Focusing On Outcomes
    Facebook parent firm Meta has launched a new Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences (ODAX) feature, offering advertisers six primary objectives including awareness, traffic, engagement, app promotion, leads, and sales, in a program that could make its way to Facebook and Instagram in time, Meta recently announced. MediaPost

    LinkedIn Launches New Campaign to Highlight the Importance of Representation in the Workplace
    Microsoft-owned LinkedIn (client) has rolled out a new campaign focusing on efforts that highlight how professionals are shifting to expressing more of their authentic selves in today’s new hybrid and remote workplace environments, LinkedIn recently announced. Social Media Today

    Brands That Make Life Simpler Score With Global Consumers
    76 percent of global consumers have said that they’re more likely to recommend brands that deliver simple experiences, up from some 64 percent in 2018, according to newly-released survey data of interest to digital marketers. MediaPost

    B2B buyers and sellers put digital commerce on a faster track
    It’s not unusual for B2B customers to use 10 or more channels for interactions with suppliers, up from just five in 2016, while some two-thirds of B2B buyers are choosing either remote human interactions or digital self-service methods — two of numerous findings of interest to marketers contained in newly-released survey data of U.S. B2B decision makers. Digital Commerce 360


    2021 December 31 Marketoonist Comic Image

    A lighthearted look at the “definition of insanity” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Ugly Sweater Party Winner Didn’t Realize That Was The Theme — The Hard Times


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