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Better than Personalized Google News

Posted on Mar 10th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    There’s been a bit of coverage on personalized Google news today, and it seems to work well. You can rearrange sections of content and customize based on keywords.

    MSNBC Newsbot offers some degree of news personalization for local information and stocks. is another good news source but does not offer page or content personalization outside of entering your zip code for local news.

    Yahoo News offers no personalization but does offer RSS feeds.

    What I think is even better than these news services in regards to personalization is You can search news, blogs or the web. What’s unique is that the site filters content displayed according to the links you click on. Here’s an explanation from the site on how it works:

    “The more articles you click on, the more personalized Findory will look. Our patent-pending Personalization Technology adapts the website to show you interesting and relevant news based on your reading habits.”

    You can visit the site anonymously and you don’t need to create any keyword filters in order for the news to be personalized. Stories and blog posts are presented according to the types of content you visit. For me, the resulting news personalization has worked pretty well.