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BIGLIST Search Marketing Blog Reviews 083109

Posted on Aug 31st, 2009
Written by Lee Odden
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    This week I’ll try something a little different with our BIGLIST of online marketing blogs reviews and share a screen shot of the week’s best looking SEO blog to be added.

    Mikkel demib Svendson

    That honor goes to Mikkel deMib Svendsen who’s been blogging for a very long time, except it’s been mostly in Danish.

    Recently, Mikkel decided to launch a SEM blog in English, which is great news if you know Mikkel.  At my first SES conference I recall seeing this guy in a bright red suit taking lots of photos and not sure who he was. Then after seeing him speak on a few panels quickly realized the deep search marketing knowledge he was offering.  Now you can get that insight online. This blog is a mix of both text and video SEO content, plus Mikkel has a new book on SEO you should check out.

    And now for our SEM/SEO Blog reviews.

    • Link Building Best Practices – Eric Ward, aka Link Moses aka old school OLB (original link builder) has re-launched a link building Q/A and tips blog that offers new and updated posts covering one of the most important aspects of boosting web site traffic directly and indirectly: links!  Of course, the blog already ranks #2 on Google for “link building best practices”.
    • seo zombie – Justin Briggs is the recent winner of Marketing Pilgrims SEM Scholarship with tons of fabulous SEO prizes including a press release announcing his accomplishment from TopRank. Justin makes sense out of SEO by providing tips and observations on SEO basics ranging from keywords to blogs to SEO Lessons.
    • Everett Sizemore – Aka @balibones is the SEO at Gaiam and recently launched this blog dedicated to SEO. Gotta love the tag line because it’s keyword rich AND creative: “SEO Consultant – Organic Farmer of Keywords and Tomatoes”.

    Be sure to visit these blogs and recommend them to your friends. Heck, add them to your Blogroll. We did!

    Blogs included in the BIGLIST have every reason to express their SEO bloggedy awesomeness with an impressive badge.