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BIGLIST SEO Blog Reviews 040909

Posted on Apr 9th, 2009
Written by Lee Odden
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    The week is nearly done and Spring is nearly here. Unless of course, you live in the “Never Summer Land” of Minnesota, where we’re apparently destined to enjoy a balmy 35-50 degrees indefinitely.  

    Take a break from your daily dose of social media overstimulation and work focused multi-tasking to check out a new batch of the TopRank BIGLIST search marketing blogs.  This week’s update includes a mix of new and familar names: 

    • SEO Wizardry – Pete Hollier is an information science type of guy that writes informative and often illustrated posts about various aspects of search engine optimization and some on PPC.
    • Future Searches –  UK based and multi-lingual, Pelin B. Demir writes all about search marketing from SEO to link building to social media.
    • Vanessa Fox Blog – Ex Googler and now an Entrepreneur in residence at Ignition Partners as well as being very active in the SEM industry, Vanessa writes about the online marketing industry, her travel adventures and other projects like the O’Reilly Found conference that she co-chairs. There’s also abundant reference material and analysis. 
    • Kate Morris – Also known as “Longhorn Kate”, is a MBA student and Director of Client Strategies at New Edge Media in Austin, TX. Kate writes observations personal and professional about SEM. 
    • Jane Copland Series Three, Episode One –  Ex SEOmozzer and now with Ayima Search Marketing, Jane writes (so far) this new blog about her adventures as a SEO Consultant in the UK and world traveler.
    • SEO Diva – Kay Frenzer publishes this flowery blog mostly about SEO basics, content, keywords, Google, WordPress as well as other online marketing topics.
    • Level 343 Articles – Most of the posts on this SEO and content centric blog are written by Gabriella Sannino who offers her opinions on a mix of topics ranging from industry trends to social media.

    Remember, blogs included in the BIGLIST deserve a shiny new badge.