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BIGLIST SEO Blogs Update 021009

Posted on Feb 20th, 2009
Written by Lee Odden
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     In this update of the TopRank BIGLIST of  search marketing blogs  we have a mix of new and old, funny and serious. We hope you find these blogs as informative and interesting as we do. Enjoy:

    • Mediatrust Blog – Peter Bordes, Trip Foster, Scott Parent and Christopher Smith combine to write this agency blog about everything from performance marketing to industry news to company news. The best part of the blog is the video series, “Relevantly Speaking”, which is nicely produced and informative.
    • Outspoken Media Blog – New blog for a new consortium of SEOs (Rhea Drysdale, Rae Hoffmann, Lisa Barone) that have no problem saying or writing what’s on their minds. Still new, most posts are announcements or live blogging from SMX West but hopes should be high for a range of internet marketing topics . 
    • SEOMFG – What a great name for this blog about SEO humor, tips and advice from Drew (mostly), George and Frank who are mythically located in a shack in Montana – but probably not. Content is search marketing centric and aims to educate the SEO community about  what they’ve learned from experimentation, knowledge and experience.
    • The Internet Marketing Driver –  Glenn Gabe covers the gamut of internet marketing topics in this blog and makes up for infrequent posting by going deep on a lot of posts with detialed how to’s and insights into tools, SEO and media.

    Remember, blogs included in the BIGLIST deserve a shiny new badge.