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7 Blog Copywriting Ideas for Creating Original Content

Posted on Nov 12th, 2009
Written by Lee Odden
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    Idea Light BulbWith literally hundreds of millions of blogs in the vast blogosphere, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to develop a unique brand for your blog by writing posts that are unique, creative and entertaining. The next time you find yourself in a rut, try these 7 blog copywriting ideas for creating fresh and interesting content:

    1. Start With the Headline

    It might seem logical to write the body of the post first. After all, length-wise, it’s the most significant piece of the puzzle. Instead, try coming up with the most creative, most intriguing headline possible. Then design a post around that inspirational headline. Similarly, you could choose an image or create a call to action first. Whatever your typical process, turn it around to inspire some fresh thinking.

    2. Tell Your Story With a Graphic

    Instead of using words to convey a concept that’s perhaps been covered by other bloggers — or even your own blog — rely on a custom illustration to tell the story. This tactic can have some SEO benefits, as well. A creative, useful graphic or illustration can have the potential to go viral, with readers linking to it and sharing it.

    3. Include a Resource Guide

    As a blogger, you’re not always tasked with coming up with lengthy, in-depth original posts. Include a few resource-type posts in the mix, as well. For example, create a post listing the top 25 upcoming events for your industry, the 50 best industry blogs, or 100 useful books and publications. Not only are these posts easy to write when you’re finding it difficult to come up with a new concept, they’re also likely to be linked to.

    4. Insert Your Own Opinion

    Instead of simply reporting on the news or a recent development, incorporate your own thoughts on the subject. If a piece of legislation passes that affects your industry, write about your individual stance on the issue at hand. Instead of merely including an announcement on a major industry merger, offer your opinion of what you have done differently and what you think was handled well.

    5. Rely on Someone Else’s Story

    As a blogger, it’s not always necessary to rely on your own ideas for new posts. Contact an influential or interesting figure in your industry, and base a post around him or her. That could take the form of a guest-written post, a Q&A or a case study. Readers are likely to appreciate the fresh perspective.

    6. Turn an Idea Upside Down

    In lieu of the traditional tips or checklist post, create the reverse. For example, instead of writing “The 10 Steps to Start Saving,” try “The 10 Worst Ways to Send Your Credit Into Disrepair.” When it all boils down, both posts offer similar information — they’re simply positioned differently.

    7. Think Outside the Box

    Try this fun trick to come up with creative blog copy: Write down 20 words or phrases on separate pieces of paper. Get creative — think “pink elephant,” “wild flamingos” or “ace up your sleeve.” Next, place the pieces of paper in a container. The next time you write a blog post, randomly select a piece, and try to include that word or phrase in your post. In the end, the phrase may not work and can be eliminated. But at the very least, it’s an effective way to start thinking outside the box.