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Bloggers Get Hacked

Posted on Jan 16th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    There is a lot of discussion about a few bigger named bloggers getting hacked recently. The good thing to come out if this is that it’s bringing backups into the spotlight.

    Back on October 13th I declared Blog Backup Day and I’m working on spreading the word. If your posts are backed up, it’ll be a lot easier to recover from such an attack. I’ve even outlined some techniques to backing up your blog. Including the extremely easy way to backup a WordPress blog which seems to be the platform under attack.

    WordPress does acknowledge the security issue and has *hopefully* fixed the security bug in the latest releases . All users should upgrade as soon as they can!

    I feel bad for the sites that got hacked as I know that they don’t deserve it. But lets all take this as a warning that we are not immune and that blogs, and all digital information, needs to be backed up regularly.

    I’m off to backup my posts and upgrade my WordPress install. How about you?