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Book Review: Keyword Intelligence by Ron Jones

Posted on Dec 22nd, 2011
Written by TopRank Marketing
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    Do you have Keyword Intelligence?In my search for a new book to read on keywords I went straight to the source, Lee Odden’s office library.  Right away I noticed Ron Jones’ new book “Keyword Intelligence” while standing in front of a bookcase full of titles to choose from.

    What I appreciate about Jones’ book is that whether you are a search marketing guru or you work in another marketing/communications field, it paints things in a light that you may not have thought about before.  Besides a deep dive into keyword research and it’s overall impact on SEO, social media and content marketing, there is a little something in this book for everyone ranging from simple explanations of social networking sites to more detailed information on site migration and architecture.  Curious to know what useful tips I found in Ron Jones new book?

    “Keyword Research is a Strategic Function”
    To most professionals keyword research can seem like a monotonous task. Jones does a good job of really highlighting the importance of keyword research and how it should affect your overall Internet marketing strategy.   The position of the book is that much of your content creation should be based upon a list of tried and tested keywords that are meant to bring people to your site and draw them in.  A point about thinking big picture with keywords that hits home: “Without a strategy, you will become lost in the depths of random pages of web content without a core meaning or focus.”

    “Setting up SMART Goals”
    Goal setting should not be a new concept to Internet marketers.  An approach that Jones recommends is setting “smart” goals for each online channel you are using to market.  He says that these goals may take more effort to setup but they help to ensure quality.  SMART goals are defined as:

    S= Specific
    M= Measureable
    A= Attainable
    R= Realistic
    T= Timely

    A simple goal may be to increase the number of conversions that your site sees on a monthly basis.  If you are implementing SMART goal setting, you may focus on something more specific as increasing site conversions by 10% each month for the next six months on your contact page, about us page, and solutions page.

    “Mind Mapping”
    Keyword brainstorming can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task to tackle.  No more!  Jones suggests breaking down your brainstorming tasks into mini assignments which will encourage you to work on one level of keywords at a time.  Mind mapping is a great visual aid for marketers who tend to like to see plans illustrated.  You begin by selecting a seed term, draw a circle around it, and brainstorm additional words related to your seed term.

    Below is an example of mind mapping that I started with my seed phrase being “Marketing”.

    Keyword Mapping

    “Role of Keywords and Social Media”
    We know that keywords are an essential part of an SEO or PPC strategy but many overlook the roll of keywords in social media.  An in depth analysis of keywords will help you pinpoint the specific needs and wants of your target audience.  A keyword plan for social media will help you communicate more effectively with your audience.  Jones does note that a strategy created for SEO or PPC may not translate exactly the same for social media so there are some differences to keep in mind. An example would be search query variances between Google and a social networking site.

    “Developing a mobile strategy”
    This section highlights the importance of considering the entire customer experience not just the optimized content that we provide.  Jones recommends a six step process for outlining your mobile strategy.  That process includes:

    1. Define Target Audience & Personas
    2. Conduct Your Research
    3. Develop Your Mobile Solution
    4. Design Your Pricing Model
    5. Develop Your Support Model
    6. Develop Retention or Loyalty Program

    “Defining Metrics for Success”
    One recommendation in particular that stuck out to me was his emphasis on the importance of defining success up front with any marketing campaign. Some of the goals that Jones recommends for a successful outcome include:

    • Increased overall website visitor traffic
    • Increased keyword rankings and top keyword placement
    • Increased brand awareness
    • Increased generated revenue and ROI
    • Specific behavioral insights from your target audience based on keyword usage

    In my opinion “Keyword Intelligence” does a great job of getting the reader to think intelligently and strategically about basic keyword choices.  By taking a moment to step back and analyze why keyword research and brainstorming is important, you are better able to see what a large impact it can have on your overall search and online marketing strategy. This is the only book that’s specifically focused on Keywords and for those that really want a deep dive on the subject, it’s worth checking out.