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Brian Clark on

Posted on Sep 21st, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Earlier this month Brian Clark of Copyblogger launched a new service called tubetorial. The site offers video and screencast “how to’s” on several topics including:

    • Web development and technology tips
    • Internet marketing strategies and techniques
    • Legal issues for Internet content producers and marketers

    More than that, Brian offers some great insight into Internet business models and the selling of information. Tubetorial produces videos on their own and are also accepting viewer submitted videos. I really liked the idea and pinged Brian for more info on tubetorial. (links were added by me)

    Who started and is behind tubetorial?

    Tubetorial was an idea I had earlier this year, and as soon as I decided to commit to it, I pitched it to Chris Pearson, who designed my Copyblogger site. I knew I needed someone as smart and talented as Chris on the team to pull this off. So he and I are the principals. My wife Samantha is also a primary contributor as our resident attorney.

    What made you decide on the topics of web dev/technology, internet marketing and legal issues? Do you plan on adding other content areas?

    Well, we figured that building it, marketing it and staying out of trouble are the three broad categories that cover doing business online. Plus they match up well with our skill sets. But yes, the idea is to add on from here.

    What’s the business model for the site?

    There are several income opportunities with this site, ranging from relevant advertising and sponsorship to trusted direct marketing of products and services. The benefit to the individual video contributors is obviously exposure and business lead generation or product sales. We’ve been fortunate so far since the site has been profitable from day one, but we’ll need to work hard to make sure that remains the case.

    The production on the videos is pretty slick. What software are you using for the screencasts and video editing?

    Right now all the videos are recorded and edited with Camtasia Studio. Samantha uses a Sony video camera and Vegas to produce her talking head clips. We’re actually excited about moving on to even better presentation software that provides more dynamic graphics, but Camtasia is a fairly powerful tool.

    What else should people know about tubetorial?

    That we want others to contribute, share their expertise in a fashion that turns into increased credibility and new business. For example, the number of leads that Samantha has received for legal work has been a bit surprising, since we’ve only soft launched and I haven’t even built her profile page yet. We’re picky about quality and your video can’t be a base sales pitch, but otherwise we welcome others to join, and let us pay for the bandwidth and build you an audience.

    Thanks Brian!

    You can find reviews of tubetorial at Problogger and ePublishingDaily