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    Award winning SEO blogger Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable and RustyBrick has started a new blog called the “Cartoon Barry Blog“. What will you find there?

    • Summarized daily recaps
    • Interactive Cartoon Barry, provided by SitePal, will also give short recaps virtually, click the play button here to see an example.
    • Personal life things
    • Business related things from RustyBrick
    • Rants on anything, even search
    • And more!

    It’s a pretty cool blog especially with the animated SitePal feature that uses Barry’s voice. The design is very slick. In fact, seeing the cool design of the Cartoon Barry blog was the last straw for me in my procrastination over when to update the design of Online Marketing Blog. Thomas is working on putting the finishing touches and hopefully we’ll have it up and running early next week.

    Speaking of Barry and next week, I believe he will be posting the quadruple coverage schedule for Search Engine Strategies San Jose tomorrow. Barry, Ben, Chris and I are going to cover most of the sessions. We did the quadruple coverage thing at SES New York earlier this year and it worked pretty well. I’m weighing in as a half-weight though and will only be blogging about 2 sessions per day and none on Thursday. However, if I can get my flight changed and add another day with the hotel, I will be heading up to San Francisco on Thursday to offices for a video shoot on SEO tips for a promotion they’re doing. It should be fun.