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ClickTracks Appetizer – Free Stats

Posted on Apr 25th, 2006
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    ClickTracks Appetizer

    ClickTracks has jumped on board with free stats. ClickTracks Appetizer gives you several of the popular ClickTracks features. Just enough to make you want to buy more, or so they think.

    Included is all the general stats information like top keywords and referrers plus a few popular features.

    Visitor Labeling – Through a simple mechanism known as visitor labeling, you can color-code visitors from a PPC campaign; visitors who found each page through a certain keyword; visitors who spent a very long or very short time on a page; and much more.

    Visual Interface – See where visitors go, how long they stay and from which page they exit. This is superimposed over your site so you can see exactly where people are going.

    Goals – Identify visitors who reached a certain page and ClickTracks will determine their search keywords and paths. This can help identify which keywords are generating the most sales.

    They are also including a ‘Web Analytics Day’ each month where your free account gets access to all the paid features. For 24 hours, you have the best ClickTracks stats money can buy; for free.

    It sounds like a pretty good deal. I’m setting up a new site in the upcoming weeks and I think I’ll install it to see how well the free ClickTracks Appetizer stats work.