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Cleveland Rocks! TopRank Marketing Kicks off Content Marketing World – #CMWorld

Posted on Sep 9th, 2015
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Cleveland Rocks! TopRank Marketing Kicks off Content Marketing World – #CMWorld
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    It’s fitting that the kickoff for Content Marketing World is at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This year’s speakers and workshop leaders are rock stars of the industry. Each one has a solid back catalog of hits; together, they’re a content marketing supergroup.

    So for those about to rock, we salute you. Team TopRank (Alexis, Ashley, and Josh) will be bringing you highlights, insights, and takeaways throughout the event. Keep an eye on the blog if you can’t make it to the big show, and if you’re here, please seek us out.

    Here are just a few of the presentations we’re excited to attend over the next few days:

    15 Essential Tools to Optimize Your Content Marketing

    Content marketing is creative work, but even the most creative content can be more effective with the right technology to back it up.

    RazorSocial Founder Ian Cleary combines a tech-head’s knowledge of marketing tools with a genuine passion for quality content. He promises tools and tips aplenty for his session, as well as action items to take home and put to work.

    Ian’s presentation looks highly technical, supremely practical, and imminently actionable. He promises to deliver:

    • Tools we can use to improve our content marketing results
    • Technical tips we can implement to improve performance
    • More efficient and effective social media activity

    From Content to Conversion: Persona-Driven Lead Nurturing

    Developing personas is a vital part of understanding your audience, so that you can create content that speaks to their specific needs. What role do personas play after your campaign has begun?

    Marketing Interactions, Inc. CEO Ardath Albee is a persona pioneer; she has years of experience and has experienced incredible success using personas across the marketing funnel. Her presentation focuses on creating context, increasing relevance, and forming a deeper connection with potential buyers through personas.

    Ardath’s presentation will cover:

    • How to create a continuum for lead nurturing with the insights from your personas
    • How personas help you to understand and address the context of your buyers
    • How to speed up the sales cycle and accelerate conversions with outside-the-inbox nurturing

    Helping Your B2B Sales Team Thrive in the Age of Content Marketing

    In today’s world of the empowered prospects, content marketing is at the frontlines of prospects and customers. This shift in power, has changed the role of the sales team. While their role has evolved, there is an opportunity for teams to continue to amplify the impact of content marketing on sales team success.

    Jeff Herrmann, Partner and Chief Revenue Officer at Fathom, is a champion of B2B sales and marketing alignment. He focuses on leveraging content, data and technology in order to help companies and individuals accelerate growth.

    His presentation will deliver:

    • Methods to close the loop between your content marketing program and sales success
    • Tips to help sales colleagues leverage valuable data and insights from their marketing efforts
    • Help sales team build trust by taking an “audience first” approach

    Social SEO: Hacking the New Algorithms

    Measuring the impact of social within your content marketing strategy can be tricky. Although traditional digital marketing KPIs and algorithms are at play, the setting and methodology is unique.

    Marketing manager at Lenovo, Erin Monday, plans to deliver a session that will reflect on and apply “traditional” SEO algorithms to social in order to maximize content marketing success.

    Key takeaways include:

    • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. all have algorithms, just like the search engines
    • Learn to play the algorithms organically
    • Find tips and tricks for use social algorithms to your advantage with organic content   

    Advanced SEO Practices That Will Blow Your Mind

    SEO is an essential piece of any effective digital marketing strategy. When used correctly, it can help attract your best customers to your content. However, if you already have the SEO basics down, this session will take a deep dive into some powerful tactics that will give your search traffic the boost it needs.

    Rand Fishkin, otherwise known as the Wizard of Moz promises attendees an SEO journey that takes a look at some of the lesser-known and use-case-specific tactics.

    In his session, the Wizard will teach you advanced ways to:

    • Leverage competitive and market analyses to improve page performance
    • Find tricks for combining and separating URLs to draw in more search traffic
    • Take advantage of search results with answer boxes

    Practical Tips, Tools & Templates to Build Your Content Marketing Strategy

    In today’s world, everyone has the ability to become a content publisher. That means that the battle for customers has become increasingly fierce. Unfortunately, all of that great content often falls flat if marketers cannot measure its success.

    Content marketing mastermind and all around great guy Michael Brenner of NewsCred will help break down a seemingly complex idea into some actionable ways to build your own content marketing strategy.

    In this session you will learn how to:

    • Conduct a content audit
    • Build a customer journey map
    • Quickly generate content ideas
    • Find a way to answer your customers top questions

    TopRank Marketing Will Be Rocking Content Marketing World 2015

    There are so many great speakers and topics at Content Marketing World that it was hard to choose just a few to feature.

    TopRank Marketing and Content Marketing Institute also combined forces to bring you a content marketing triple feature in the form of three eBooks filled with advice from Content Marketing World speakers that cover everything from content strategy to measurement.

    View each of them on SlideShare by clicking the links below:

    The Big Picture of Content Marketing Strategy

    Making Content Marketing the Star of Your Marketing

    Measuring Your Content Marketing Box Office Success

    Keep your eye here on Online Marketing Blog for coverage of the presentations as well as Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest and Twitter @TopRank.

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