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Brand or Customer: What’s Your Content Marketing Center? #fusionmex

Posted on May 29th, 2014
Written by Lee Odden
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    Content Marketing Conference Europe

    For over 1,000 years people used to think the Earth was the center of the Universe, not unlike how many companies still think the corporate brand should be the center of their marketing messages.

    As with Copernicus’s 16th century observations about the Earth moving around the Sun, modern marketers in Europe and all over the world are realizing that the customer is at the center for content and messaging, not just the brand.

    Some companies, agencies and consultants have made significant progress in this view of content marketing and we reached out to a number of them that will be presenting at the upcoming Content Marketing Conference Europe.

    The question? We asked: What is one of the most important ways content marketing creates value for customers?

    Jo Caudron

    17 international content marketers shared their answers in this new conference eBook and all will be presenting at the Antwerp, Belgium based conference coming up on June 10th. This is a can’t miss event. I was luck to have presented at the 2012 conference and it was a great exchange of ideas with a smart audience from all over the Benelux region and Western Europe.

    AJ Huisman

    Organized by J-P de Clerck and the Fusion Marketing Experience, Content Marketing Conference includes speakers from Denmark, France, Netherlands, US, UK, Switzerland and Belgium. It’s definitely going to be an international flavor and approach to content marketing.

    Content Marketing eBook

    Keynotes will be delivered by the famous best selling author and keynote speaker, Jay Baer, plus myself, Mike Corak from Ethology, Doug Kessler from Velocity Partners and Danny Devriendt from Universal Media.

    Breakout and panel speakers include: Xaviera Ringeling, Kelly Hungerford, Gianfranco Cuzziol, AJ Huisman, Joakim Ditlev, Tristan Lavender, Ingrid Archer, Tom De Baere, Jo Caudron, Eric Ingrand, Guido Everaert and more.  All have shared their insight into how content marketing creates value for customers in the eBook below.

    Check out the eBook below and if you’re in Continental Europe over the coming weeks (10 June 2014), definitely get your self registered for Content Marketing Conference 2014.