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Calling All Content Marketers: Sound Off in Our Content Marketing Planning Survey!

Posted on May 14th, 2018
Written by Nick Nelson
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  • Calling All Content Marketers: Sound Off in Our Content Marketing Planning Survey!
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    2018 Content Planning Survey

    We’re all in this together.

    Granted, it might not always feel that way. The current environment we operate in as marketers is a competitive one. But we do have the power to collectively drive our discipline forward, toward greater efficiency and productivity. This begins with sharing knowledge, and improving our understanding of the most prevalent challenges and obstacles being faced.

    In this spirit, we’ve partnered with our clients and friends at DivvyHQ to whip up a new 2018 Content Planning Survey, and we’d love your input.

    What’s Inside the Survey

    The idea is to gather data from a wide range of marketers in efforts to form a clear and accurate picture of how today’s content teams operate and where the key opportunities lie.

    “One thing marketers can do to improve their content planning is stop planning each piece of content. The key to an effective editorial plan is committing to a publishing cadence.” @brennermichael Share on X

    Topics covered in this quick, five-minute survey:

    • Content planning processes and tools
    • Content team structure and collaboration
    • Content marketing tactics and metrics

    Insights Content Marketers Will Gain

    The more responses added from pros in the trenches like yourself, the more useful the results will be. Among the enlightening findings from DivvyHQ’s 2017 Content Planning Report:

    • 64% of respondents cited “developing a comprehensive content strategy” as a top challenge
    • Only 10% identified “creating clear defined objectives” as a successful aspect of planning
    • 58% of respondents said they were “too busy” to collaborate with peers
    • The most utilized content marketing tactics were email (89%), blog articles (88%) and video (80%)
    • 28% of respondents said they do not conduct regular content planning meetings
    “There is such a thing as a bad slow in marketing. But there is a critical need for a good slow, too.” @annhandley Share on X

    So please, add your voice by filling out the survey. The best part? While you aren’t required to provide an email address, if you do, you’ll receive exclusive early access to the report generated from the aggregated information.

    A Fresh Look at Content Planning for 2018

    What’s changed this year? Where will we be able to identify trends and prevalent changes in focus? By submitting your own survey, you can be among the first to find out.

    Armed with these insights, you’ll be able to better assess how your team measures up against the content marketing world at large, helping to guide your strategy onward and upward.

    Together, we can take content to new heights.