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29 Content Marketing Tactics to Attract, Engage & Persuade Customers

Posted on Apr 22nd, 2011
Written by Lee Odden
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  • 29 Content Marketing Tactics to Attract, Engage & Persuade Customers
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    Content Marketing TacticsContent Marketing is a near and dear online marketing tactic and there’s been an explosion of attention and advice over the past year. SEOs and PR professionals are “seeing the light” if you will, of the value in creating and curating content that delivers value as part of their online marketing and public relations strategies. In an online marketing model with a defined strategy, goals and understanding of the target audience, what mix of tactics makes the most sense?

    Many marketers limit themselves to a handful of content types and formats leaving substantial business to the competition. To be competitive, it’s essential to be open to a mix of content marketing tactics in order to provide relevant information discovery, consumption and sharing experiences for customers. This matters at the top of the funnel as much as it does after the transaction and into engagement and evangelism.

    Here is a virtual smorgasbord of content marketing tactics for you to consider. Watch for our upcoming series that will drill down into each one of these tactics with an explanation, examples and creative ideas for implementation.

    1. Article Marketing
    2. Advertorial
    3. Blogging
    4. Case Studies
    5. Crowdsource
    6. Curate
    7. Digital Newsletters
    8. eBooks
    9. Email
    10. Images & Infographics
    11. Interactive Tools
    12. Microsites
    13. Mobile Applications
    14. Mobile Content
    15. News Release
    16. Online Conferences
    17. Online Magazines
    18. Podcasts
    19. Print Magazines
    20. Print Newsletters
    21. Real-World Events
    22. Research & Surveys
    23. Social Content
    24. Teleclass & Telecasts
    25. Traditional Media
    26. Videos
    27. Webinars
    28. White Papers
    29. Wikis

    What did I miss?

    Of course, the idea is not to use as many content marketing tactics as possible, but to use the appropriate tactic on a matrix of persona, stage in the buying cycle, Social & SEO considerations as well as position in the customer lifecycle.

    What content marketing tactics have you focused on this year? What will you change for your 2012 planning?