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Convergence & Integration of Content Marketing with Social Media & SEO

Posted on Jan 9th, 2012
Written by Lee Odden
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  • Convergence & Integration of Content Marketing with Social Media & SEO
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    Convergence Search, Social Media & Content Marketing

    This post is about Congratulations, Convergence and Content.

    First off, congrats to Aaron Kahlow on his great news, I’m sure UBM TechWeb will be pleased with OMS, it’s an impressive event with a great following. Speaking of OMS, despite the wimpiest Minnesota Winter in years, February is a fine time to go somewhere warm and luckily, OMS and SES Search & Social Accelerator in San Diego are coming up fast Feb 6-9, 2012.

    Online Marketing Summit has grown quickly and the annual event in San Diego boasts an impressive roster of topics, training opportunities and speakers. The conference kicks off with an Online Marketing Bootcamp, then 3 days of OMS sessions on every topic under the Online Marketing sun.

    OMS is probably one of the most hands on, practical and well-rounded events you could attend as an internet marketing practitioner. When client side marketers, who are often responsible for a range of disciplines within a company from Search to Social to Email, ask me about good events to attend, the OMS Annual conference is one I recommend.

    In Avinash Kaushik’s post today, “The 2015 Digital Marketing Rule Book. Change or Perish” one of his 7 Rules for Digital Marketing Revolutionaries concerns the need for marketing practitioners (applies to professionals of all types) to extend their expertise beyond core skills. “You can no longer be good at just one thing, or two. It is a 10-thing world now (and maybe a 20-thing world soon).” Events like OMS and SES Search and Social Accelerator are excellent opportunities for marketers to expand their skill sets.

    You’ll get to learn from brands like: HP, Bing, General Motors, Adobe,, SAP, Caterpillar, AOL, NCR, BabyCenter and many more B2C and B2B marketing experts. There’s also great group of industry experts, too many to mention but they’ll cover everything from online marketing strategy to SEO, to PPC, to Social Media to Analytics and more.

    My part of all this fun will include a solo session on strategic integration of SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. Here are the details:

    Optimize THIS: Integrating Social, SEO & Content
    Learn the principles and best practices of optimizing content and social media participation for better marketing performance. Customer behaviors and expectations are shifting, platforms are continuously evolving and the moving target of SEO has just put a blindfold on you. You could keep optimizing for individual keywords and pages, or you could take a step back and look at the bigger picture of how consumers Discovery, Consume and Engage with content.

    Optimize THIS will reveal an entirely new way to look at the notion of Optimization by presenting a model for Attracting, Engaging and Inspiring customers through optimized and socialized content marketing.  The principles of this presentation come from my new book, Optimize, which will come out in March at SXSW.

    The SES Search & Social Accelerator portion of OMS is a full day of advanced topics programmed by Andrew Goodman, aka the guy “Who wrote the book on Google AdWords” and Bill Hunt, one of the SMARTEST internet marketers on the planet. Really, he is. Sessions range from Marty Weintraub preseting on “The Art Of Data-Driven Social Marketing” to “Channel Surfing: Measuring Profit & ROI Across Channels” with Morgan Vawter. This is one of those events where you’ll definitely want to “bring your brain”.

    For my part of SES Accelerator, I’ll be presenting on the convergence of social SEO and content with Arnie Keunn of Vertical Measures. Both Arnie and I have written books (Accelerate & Optimize) about this topic that is redefining what SEO really means. We’ll each provide practical ideas on how to develop a customer-centric “optimize and socialize” approach to attracting and engaging customers through search. We’ll be answering key questions about how to best leverage content as a search optimization asset as well as the role of social media and it’s impact on today’s consumer search experience.  I’m biased, but it’s going to be a kick ass session. Here are the details:

    Feb 9 – 9:50 am
    The Convergence of Search, Social and Content Marketing
    The Google Panda update just made great content critical. Social media is grabbing all the headlines. Search gets more powerful every year. But how do they all play together? How do you increase your odds of being found both in search and social media? How will you consistently create content your a will enjoy? Join this panel as they provide case studies and walk you through a step-by-step approach that any organization can follow to grow their business online.

    If you’re considering OMS and SES Accelerator, I’d highly recommend it. When you register, use the code: TOPRANK10 and get 10% off.