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Add a Call To Action (CTA) Popup to WordPress

Posted on Apr 29th, 2010
Written by Lee Odden
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    I know that popups are one of those words that bring chills to some people, but they can be an effective way of promoting a product or service your blog.

    Now we’re not talking about old school popup browser windows, but rather a small CSS window that shows on top of your content. These types of popups often bring a higher conversion rate, as compared to a button or form in the sidebar, as they allow the visitor to easily focus on one thing.

    Call to action (CTA) popups can be used to:

    • Announce a new product or service.
    • Advertise a sale.
    • Obtain more subscribers.
    • Promote an event.
    • Call out a white paper or case study.
    • Publicize company news.
    • … and many more.

    More than likely, you’ve just seen ours.


    If you want to add a CTA popup like this to your WordPress site, grab the WP Super Popup plugin. WP Super Popup makes it easy to create and configure these types of popups.

    Options include:

    • Show content from:
      • a URL
      • create it with the WYSIWYG editor
      • pase in HTML
    • Set height and width.
    • Determine how often the popup shows.
      • Example: Every x days or for the first x visits. (based on cookie in browser)
    • Set popup delay and speed.
    • Configure which pages the popup should show on.
      • Example: All pages, only specific pages, exclude pages.
    • Live preview for testing.

    Call to action popups can be a great way of increasing conversions but, like with any type of CTA, it’s important to know your blogging business goals, measure results, and tweak the popup as needed. Simply setting and forgetting about it isn’t going to be as effective as understanding what your visitors like and changing it as needed.