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Danny Sullivan in USA Today

Posted on Aug 3rd, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    There’s an excellent article in USA Today 08/01/06 featuring Danny Sullivan, “Got a search engine question? Ask Mr. Sullivan“. It covers very nicely, how he became involved with search marketing and also how he’s able to command his empire of expertise, mostly involving Silicon Valley companies, from a village 4 hours south of London.

    There’s abundant kudos in the article for Danny from Matt Cutts of Google and Tim Mayer of Yahoo and it’s a great introduction for the uninitiated to the Search Engine Strategies conferences. Next week Search Engine Strategies meets San Jose in what may be one of the biggest SES shows to-date. Google CEO Eric Schmidt will keynote and that alone is worth going.

    I’ve only met Danny very briefly once or twice and he’s quite a fellow. It’s nice to see a “master of the universe” sort of guy (at least within the search marketing industry) continue to be so approachable.

    As with SES New York earlier this year, I will be covering the SES San Jose conference for Search Engine Roundtable with Barry, Chris and Ben. I will actually be blogging more sessions than what’s listed, but will miss Thursday. I will also be posting commentary and photos of events here at Online Marketing Blog during the conference, on the tradeshow floor and some of the after-conference events. Those will include the Google Dance and WebmasterRadio events and a few private parties. We’ll see what happens.

    If you’re involved in any way with search marketing, then you really should be at this conference. Otherwise, the next big SES conference is in Chicago during December.

    Addition: Of course, Barry has covered this as well as Phillip and Kim.