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8 Digital Marketing Events Where You Can Learn, Connect and Grow in 2016

Posted on Jan 25th, 2016
Written by Lee Odden
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  • 8 Digital Marketing Events Where You Can Learn, Connect and Grow in 2016
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    Digital Marketing Events

    Smart, Creative and Focused on Results.

    That expression is central to our approach as an agency business and in our continuous pursuit to improve as marketers. Ubiquitous information access and increasing complexity and competition means the need to advance knowledge and creativity with digital marketing strategy, tactics and performance is greater than ever.

    There are many sources marketers can choose from to learn, grow and collaborate. Over the next few months there are multiple learning and peer networking opportunities to satisfy just about anyone’s need for marketing smarts, whether it’s content marketing, social media marketing, B2B or B2C marketing, SEO and more.

    To do my part, I’ll be drawing on my experiences, best practices and strategies developed during my time with TopRank Marketing to deliver presentations at 89 upcoming events ranging from webinars to events in Amsterdam, Scottsdale, London, Copenhagen and San Diego.  I hope to see you at one or more!

    Target Marketing
    Feb 4:  Free Webinar
    Marketing Beyond the Message: Why your customer’s journey is more important than the destination
    Moderated by Thorin McGee of  Target Marketing Magazine, I will be co-presenting with Carolyn Goodman
    How can you influence that customer journey so it goes as smoothly as possible, and customers are delighted to choose, and keep choosing, you? Join us on this educational webinar to see how you can take control of the changing customer relationship, including how to:
    * Map the customer journey and identify the important touch points along it
    * Engage with customers/prospects/fans across all of those touchpoints
    * Measure the impact your efforts have on them throughout the journey, and on the bottom line
    * And ensure your customer enjoy the journey, as much as they’ll enjoy the purchase.
    Event info

    Friends of Search
    Feb 11: Friends of Search conference, Amsterdam
    Keynote: Where SEO Fits in the Digital Marketing Mix
    Even though there’s a shift in digital marketing from an emphasis on search results to focusing on customers, it doesn’t mean search isn’t important. The modern customer’s journey extends across channels and devices, so it takes an integrated approach to truly stand out and inspire customer action. In this presentation, Lee Odden will help attendees understand:
    * The top digital marketing priorities based on a new survey of brand marketers
    * How to architect a customer and content-centric approach to digital marketing
    * How one content program attracted over 1,000 leads with no SEO. And how many more if we had used SEO
    * A framework for creating meaningful content that’s optimized, socialized, publicized and influencer activated
    Event info

    B2B C2C
    Feb 15-17: B2B C2C, Scottsdale, AZ
    SEO for Content Marketers
    SEO is one of the top in-demand skills according to LinkedIn data and is critically important. With today’s increasingly self-directed business buyers, content that is easily found through search is even more crucial and important for marketers. This presentation will cover how smart B2B marketers are integrating SEO with content. Other topics include the importance of mobile and other recent changes with Google that B2B content marketers need to be aware of. Lastly, this presentation will cover content SEO best practices.
    Event info

    B2B InTech
    Feb 25: InTech Marketing Conference, London
    The Power of Influence in B2B
    One of the most popular trends in B2B marketing is content marketing. But B2B companies are challenged to create a variety of engaging content on a consistent basis. This presentation will provide a framework for B2B marketers to scale quality content creation by partnering with internal and external influencers.
    1. How to identify, qualify and recruit influencers
    2. A modular approach to co-created content
    3. How to optimize, socialize and repurpose co-created content
    Event info

    March 8: Free Webinar
    Content and Design: How the Right Process can Enhance Creativity
    A delicate balance exists between process and creativity when it comes to corporate creativity. Some fall into the trap of disregarding all process with the hopes of stimulating ingenuity, but they quickly meet debilitating chaos that actually stifles creativity. Others insist on so much structure in the creative workflow that the experience feels like working on an assembly line.

    What does an appropriate balance look like? How can a content marketer or a graphic designer use process to increase their creative potential?

    Join us to discover how the right process can enhance creativity for content and design teams. Hear top marketers speak on:
    1. Best practices for content planning
    2. Simple process adjustments that boost efficiency
    3. Methods for maintaining quality consistency
    4. How to keep creativity and morale high
    Event info

    uberflip logo
    March 23: Free Webinar 

    Secrets of B2B Content Marketing Success with Influencers
    I will be co-presenting with Hana Abaza from Uberflip on the hot topic of working with influencers to co-create content for B2B marketing.

    According to CMI and MarketingProfs, over 90% of B2B marketers are investing in content marketing. Yet, in an age of information overload where 74GB of data are delivered per person, per day (USC), standing out to business buyers can require unreasonable budgets and resources.

    Inspired by the need to scale content marketing performance, a growing number of B2B marketers are creating better quality content that gets shared more often, reaches more prospects and grows their influencer network – all at the same time.

    In this presentation on influencer and content marketing, you will learn the best practices, wins and misses of how B2B organizations have leveraged influencer content programs to attract and engage business buyers.

    Key Takeaways include learning:

    – How influencer content creates solutions for multiple audiences
    – How to identify, qualify and recruit the right influencers
    – How co-created, modular content is planned, collected, assembled and repurposed
    – How to inspire co-creators to help amplify your content
    – How to use the Attract, Engage, Convert model for influencer content performance optimization
    – Best and worst practices when working with influencers on an ongoing basis
    Event info

    Clever Content
    April 5-6: Clever Content 16 conference, Copenhagen

    A Winning Formula for Content Marketing Success
    Are you gambling your business success with content marketing? The “shiny object” effect of content has worn off for most marketers and now it is time to for the “real” work to begin. Success with content as a means to attract, engage and convert new customers is less about a game of chance and more about working smart. This keynote presentation from Lee Odden will identify 7 key trends, brand examples and a framework you can use to win the content marketing game in 2016 and beyond.
    Event info

    April 17-19: Social Media Marketing World, San Diego

    Influencer Marketing Playbook: How to Identify, Qualify and Recruit Effective Influencers
    Are you winning the influencer marketing game? 84% of marketers are investing in influencer programs and some are seeing a 9:1 return, so why isn’t your influencer program a success? 61% can’t find “real” influencers and 56% can’t recruit them. Learn how to find and recruit the right influencers from Lee Odden, influencer marketing expert and CEO of TopRank Marketing. He’ll share the framework, tools, processes and recruiting tips you’ll need to make your next influencer marketing program a game winner.
    Event info

    If you’re not lucky enough to live in Europe or the under the warm sun in San Diego or Scottsdale, no worries. There are multiple online events where you can connect and get a marketing smarts download. Just be sure to get registered soon to save your spot.

    As I prep for this tsunami of speaking events, I am curious: what are some of your most pressing questions when it comes to content marketing, influencer marketing, social media or SEO? Who knows, if you ask a good one, I may use it (with attribution) in one of my presentations.