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Digital Marketing News: B2B Marketplaces Study, Instagram’s New Branded Content Rules, Influencer Honesty, & Google’s New Browse By Photo

Posted on Jan 3rd, 2020
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Digital Marketing News: B2B Marketplaces Study, Instagram’s New Branded Content Rules, Influencer Honesty, & Google’s New Browse By Photo
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    2020 January 3 MarketingCharts Chart

    B2B Sellers: Marketplaces Are Here — Are You Ready?
    B2B buying and selling has changed alongside similar shifts that are being seen in consumer areas, and research firm Forrester takes a look at the new center of commerce that B2B marketplaces represent. Forrester

    Facebook quietly acquired a startup to build a live-shopping feature
    Facebook recently confirmed that it has acquired live-shopping startup Packagd, which will augment the social media giant’s Marketplace selling feature, and eventually offer new options for digital marketers. AdAge

    Pinterest CMO on Marrying Aggressive Growth with the Company’s Brand Image
    eMarketer takes a look at how Pinterest’s first chief marketing officer is tackling the unique challenges faced by the image-centric social platform, as it attempts to woo greater numbers of digital marketers as well as users. eMarketer

    Survey: Social Media Platform and Content Plans for 2020
    Social ads, influencer posts, and user-generated content are among the leading content types marketers plan to focus on during 2020, according to Social Media Today’s survey of over 1,000 marketing community members and their content plans for 2020. Social Media Today

    AA begins ‘onboarding’ publishers seeking to use its CCPA opt-out tools
    The Digital Advertising Alliance has outlined its California Consumer Privacy Act opt-out initiatives, including a variety of tools intended to assist publishers seeking to comply with the newly-required data law. Marketing Land

    Instagram Has New Rules for Publishing Branded Content
    Instagram is rolling out new rules for brand-publishing content, under which influencers will face increased restrictions with the launch of several changes the Facebook-owned platform has implemented. Search Engine Journal

    2020 January 3 Statistic Image

    Mobile location data practices scrutinized in NY Times exposé
    Mobile Marketer takes a mobile marketing-centric look at some of the privacy insights and questions contained within a recent New York Times report on the sometimes-circuitous path location data takes. Mobile Marketer

    Consumers Demand Honesty, Transparency Of Influencers, Study Finds
    When it comes to online influencers, transparency and honesty play key roles in consumer trust, according to newly-released study data, also showing that 74 percent of consumers say they would sever ties with influencers who post too often. MediaPost

    Google Local Tests Browse By Photo
    Google’s local search efforts have gotten more visual, as the search giant has rolled out a local pack option that allows local results to be browsed via photos, highlighting one of several new ways Google is placing increasing emphasis on images. SEO Roundtable

    Social Commerce Believed to Be the Top Digital Commerce Channel of the Future
    A decade from now social commerce, brand sites, social media and marketplaces will be the most important digital commerce channels, according to newly-released survey data of interest to digital marketers. MarketingCharts


    2020 January 3 Marketoonist Comic

    A lighthearted look at big data by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Meet The Mad Scientist Who Wrote the Book on How to Hunt Hackers — Wired


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