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Digital Marketing News: Google’s Take on URL Structure, B2B Tech Marketing Trends Survey, NPR’s RAD Podcasting, & Decentralised AI

Posted on Jan 4th, 2019
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Digital Marketing News: Google’s Take on URL Structure, B2B Tech Marketing Trends Survey, NPR’s RAD Podcasting, & Decentralised AI
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    2019 January 4 MarketingCharts Image

    What B2B Tech Marketers Are Planning for 2019
    Video marketing, Account-Based Marketing (ABM), and on-demand and influencer marketing strategies lead the list of practices digital technology marketers plan to adopt during 2019, one of several findings in recent survey data. By the end of 2019 influencer marketing strategy adoption is expected to expand to 48 percent, a significant increase over 2018’s 31 percent. MarketingCharts

    Instagram CPCs, CPMs drop as click-throughs continue to climb
    Instagram advertisers have seen good news lately, as cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression (CPM) rates have fallen at the same time that click-through-rates (CTR) have jumped, according the recent report data focusing on the third quarter of 2018. Marketing Land

    Google: Hard To Understand URL Structures Can Lead To Indexing Issues
    Google has cautioned against using certain especially complex URL structures, especially when large numbers of them lead to the same content, according to a recent public Twitter exchange between the search giant and a business that had some 50,000 difficult-to-understand links removed from Google’s search index. SEO Roundtable

    Decentralised AI has the potential to upend the online economy
    A more decentralized implementation of artificial intelligence offers several compelling benefits to traditional AI delivery methods, and Wired takes a close look at some of the advantages and potential weaknesses a less centralized system may bring to the online economy in 2019. Wired

    Facebook Adds New CTA Stickers for Page Stories
    Digital marketers using Facebook Pages’ Stories feature have received a new Call-To-Action (CTA) sticker option from the social giant, offering businesses a new way to engage with their audience using direct response tools. Social Media Today

    Instagram ‘back to normal’ after bug triggers temporary change to feed
    Instagram has returned its feed appearance and operation back to what its users have come to expect for years, but not after a period during which many experienced a radical change in feed navigation, sparking outrage among some. Instagram has attributed the hiccough to a test gone astray. Reuters

    2019 January 4 Statistics Image

    Twitter’s Sarah Personette: Video and ‘brand purpose’ will continue to take center stage
    Twitter is placing renewed emphasis on video and the increasing movement towards brand purpose, doubling down efforts on both fronts this year, two of several revelations of interest to digital marketers in a new interview with Twitter’s global head of client solutions. Digiday

    In focus: B2B marketing’s data challenge
    A look at the data dark age some B2B digital marketers exist in still, and numerous ways to emerge into a new illuminated data strategy more like those the B2C world has already enjoyed for some time now. CMO

    Facebook Ad-Spend Growth From National Marketers Is Slowing, Intelligence Firm’s Data Shows
    The seemingly freewheeling and impressive ad-spend growth Facebook and Google have enjoyed for an unusually long period of time has begun to taper, according to recent report data, however the drop in spend is scarcely noticeable in relation to overall revenue from the two tech giants. Forbes

    NPR wants to know what podcast ads you skip. The Facebook-ification of podcasts
    With its new Remote Audio Data system (RAD), National Public Radio aims to take a smarter look at the podcast advertisements some listeners are skipping, and why, in the increasingly lucrative world of podcasting. The Verge


    2019 January 4 Marketoonist Cartoon

    A lighthearted look at Christmas creep by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    The 6 Telemarketer Scams That Absolutely Owned Grandma In 2018 — The Onion


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