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Digital Marketing News: Micro-Influencer Trends, LinkedIn Adds Interactive Tools, Strong Online Ad Spending, & Google’s Cookie Drop

Posted on Jan 24th, 2020
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Digital Marketing News: Micro-Influencer Trends, LinkedIn Adds Interactive Tools, Strong Online Ad Spending, & Google’s Cookie Drop
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    2020 January 17 MarketingCharts Chart

    U.S. Advertising and Marketing Spend to Grow to Nearly $390 Billion in 2020
    Marketing and advertising spending in the U.S. is set for strong growth during 2020, according to newly-released forecast data showing a high-point of nearly $390 billion, representing a 7.2 percent increase from 2019, while online ad spend is expected to grow even more, hitting 14.5 percent, the report from Winterberry Group notes. Adweek

    Google: Webpages with Featured Snippets Won’t Appear Twice on Page 1
    Brands worldwide with Google featured snippets in search results pages will no longer have a second similar entry in the SERPs, Google recently announced, with featured snippets henceforth counting as one of the 10 first-page results. Search Engine Journal

    LinkedIn Pages adds tools to help businesses connect with users in more personal and interactive ways
    LinkedIn (client) has added a slew of new features and tools to LinkedIn Pages, including the ability to stream LinkedIn Live video from Pages, several new posting options, and greater brand connection options, the firm recently announced. Page administrators were also given functionality to invite a limited number of first-degree connections to follow a page. Marketing Land

    Micro-Influencer Trends: Platform, Format, and Compensation Preferences
    When it comes to under-10K-follower micro-influencers, Instagram is the clear top social media platform of choice at 75.9 percent, according to newly-released survey data from SocialPubli, which offers a look at the top social network choices among micro-influencers. MarketingProfs

    Instagram starts bringing DMs to the web
    Facebook-owned Instagram has begun testing the ability to use private direct messaging features on the platform’s desktop Web version, rolling out both group and individual chats from profile pages, the firm announced, which could bring new opportunities for digital marketers. The Verge

    Google To Drop Data-Vocabulary On April 6th, All In On
    The universally shared language format Google has used for its rich-results report and search results will undergoing changes in April, as the search giant is set to drop support for data-vocabulary in favor of the format used by, Google recently announced. SEO Roundtable

    2020 January 24 Statistics Image

    To Achieve Big Goals, Start with Small Habits
    Beginning with even “ridiculously small” micro-habits, it’s possible to achieve big goals, with small habits going a long way towards powerful change, according to research presented by Harvard Business Review of interest to digital marketers. Harvard Business Review

    Facebook backs off plan to plaster ads all over WhatsApp
    Facebook has significantly scaled back its previously-announced plans to offer marketers a wide variety of ad options within its globally-popular WhatsApp messaging service. The app’s Status element is still on target for limited ad offerings, however, Facebook recently announced. The Verge

    Google plans to drop Chrome support for tracking cookies by 2022
    Google recently announced that it will end support for tracking cookies in its Chrome browser by 2022, encouraging support for the alternative browser fingerprinting method, in a move that will likely affect the digital advertising landscape as marketers prepare for the upcoming changes. Ars Technica

    The Building Blocks of Consumer Trust in Brands
    The factors U.S. consumers consider when it comes to trusting brands were the focus of a recently-released survey, showing that while 74 percent do trust brands to deliver consistently on what they promise, young adults show less brand trust, two of many results of interest to digital marketers in the data. MarketingCharts

    Facebook Dominates Most Downloaded Apps of 2019 Listing, Covering Both Android and iOS
    Facebook led the way with four of 2019’s most-downloaded apps, as the firm’s WhatsApp, Messenger, its namesake Facebook app, and its Instagram property all dominated app download figures recently released by Sensor Tower. Among the top five entries only TikTok, in the number two spot, was not a Facebook-owned firm. Social Media Today


    2020 January 24 Marketoonist Comic

    A lighthearted look at customer satisfaction metrics by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Shell-shocked brands mourn the death of Mr. Peanut — AdAge

    Co-Worker Has Audacity to Bring IT Problem to IT Guy — The Hard Times


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