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Digital Marketing News: How B2B Buyers Pick Vendors, BuzzSumo’s New YouTube Insights, ABM Brings B2B Improvements, & How Brands Use Direct Messaging

Posted on Feb 21st, 2020
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Digital Marketing News: How B2B Buyers Pick Vendors, BuzzSumo’s New YouTube Insights, ABM Brings B2B Improvements, & How Brands Use Direct Messaging
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    2020 February 21 MarketingCharts Chart

    B2B buyers consume an average of 13 content pieces before deciding on a vendor
    B2B buyers say that they take in an average of 13 pieces of online content before choosing a vendor, consisting of eight vendor-made and five third-party elements, according to newly-released survey data from FocusVision, containing a number of additional insights of interest to digital marketers. Marketing Land

    B2B Firms Are Failing To Integrate Sales, Marketing And Customer Success Teams: Study
    Revenue growth is a top challenge for B2B brands, and some 84 percent of B2B sales and marketing professionals say that revenue responsibility rests with both sales and marketing, however 37 percent say the two functions aren’t optimally aligned — some of the findings in new survey data from Leandata and Sales Hacker. MediaPost

    Content Analysis App BuzzSumo Adds YouTube Insights
    BuzzSumo’s array of content data tools recently expanded with an addition that brings YouTube content discovery, performance data, and YouTube influencer information to the platform, with its new YouTube Analyzer feature, the firm announced. Social Media Today

    The State of B2B Account-Based Marketing
    Account-based marketing (ABM) has driven success for B2B marketers, and some 92 percent plan to ramp up the scale of their ABM campaigns during the coming year, some of the many findings of interest to B2B marketers in a recently-released report from the Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) and the ABM Leadership Alliance. MarketingProfs

    70% of Customers Believe In-App Chat Helps to Simplify Customer Experience, Reveals UJET Report
    Offering in-app chat features helps customer experience according to 70 percent of consumers in recently-released survey data, with the majority also wanting the ability to upload images and screen-shots to help explain their needs, the survey noted. MarTech Advisor

    FTC votes to review influencer marketing rules & penalties
    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission will reexamine its recommendations, rules, and penalties relating to influencer marketing in its non-binding Endorsement Guides. The FTC said it will also look at how influencer marketing affects and is understood by children. TechCrunch

    2020 February 21 Statistics Image

    How Email Responsiveness Builds Trust [Infographic]
    Despite or perhaps because of its long digital history, U.S. consumer email use still sits around 90 percent, with people aged 24-44 using it most at 93 percent, while 33 percent of Gen X and Baby Boomers expect an email response in less than one hour — some of numerous statistics of interest to marketers in newly-released infographic data. Social Media Today

    California AG Publishes Updated CCPA Regs With Far More Clarity Than The First Draft
    With implementation and compliance of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) still far from universal, the California attorney general’s office recently released a new regulations draft document and has solicited feedback from marketers and others through February 25, 2020. AdExchanger

    How brands are using Apple, Google, Facebook and texting to chat up consumers
    Care is key for brands using direct messaging to connect with consumers, and AdAge looks at how Google, Apple and other large brands are skipping the need for custom apps and turning instead to direct messaging and mobile marketing. AdAge

    10 LinkedIn Stats to Guide Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2020 [Infographic]
    LinkedIn (client) has an average user session length of over six minutes, with 52 percent of buyers listing the Microsoft-owned platform as the most influential channel during the research process — some of the information contained in a recent infographic. Social Media Today

    Instagram overtakes Facebook in audience of top 50 brands, study says
    Instagram advertising spending overtook that of parent company Facebook when it comes to 50 top brands, according to newly-released report data, with influencer marketing also showing swift growth. Mobile Marketer

    Here’s How PR Pros Are Using Social Listening
    67 percent of global marketing communications professionals now see influencer marketing within their scope, while some 77 percent say the same about content marketing, and 56 percent about search engine optimization (SEO), according to newly-released marcomm survey data from Talkwalker. MarketingCharts


    2020 February 21 Marketoonist Comic

    A lighthearted look at the art of project management by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Check the attic! These 8 old tech items could be worth a lot of money — USA Today


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