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Digital Marketing News: Influencer & Data-Driven Marketing Stats, B2B Social Usage, & Twitter’s New Video Analytics

Posted on Mar 15th, 2019
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Digital Marketing News: Influencer & Data-Driven Marketing Stats, B2B Social Usage, & Twitter’s New Video Analytics
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    2019 March 15 Headway Capital Chart

    Marketers less concerned about data tech, IAB annual report finds
    Digital marketers and publishers increased data-related spending in 2018, and 78 percent plan to spend more next year, one of several findings in the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s newly-released annual report. MarTech Today

    Podcast Growth Is Popping in the U.S., Survey Shows
    The number of U.S. podcast listeners grew at the fastest rate since Edison Research began tracking statistics in 2006, and with young listeners also on the rise, podcasts may have reached a tipping point, which the New York Times explores. New York Times

    Twitter debuts new analytics tools for publishers focused on improving video engagement
    Twitter has released a slew of updated and new analytics tools, with Media Studio additions aimed at helping digital marketers achieve better video engagement rates by examining more data, the firm announced. TechCrunch

    Where B2B Marketers Are Winning in Social Media
    A look at where B2B marketers are achieving the greatest social media success focuses heavily on the gains LinkedIn (client) has made through its expanded video and live video offerings. CMSWire

    Who’s Afraid of Fake Followers? [Mediakix survey]
    Influencer marketing has continued to battle to overcome fake social media followers, with marketing budgets carving out more spend to combat fraudulent accounts, one of several findings in recently-released survey data. eMarketer

    Consumers Welcome AI-Driven Personalization, Report Finds
    Personalized messaging from businesses are viewed as being more important, and recipients don’t mind firms that use artificial intelligence (AI) mechanisms to achieve personalization, according to recent report data. MediaPost

    2019 March 15 Statistics Image

    Social Video Ad Spending Will Grow 44% by 2021
    By 2021 social network video advertising spend in the U.S. will account for more than 30 percent of total video ad spend, and by 2023 overall video ad spend is expected to jump over 62 percent from 2019 figures, according to new report data of interest to digital marketers. eMarketer

    Why Testimonials Are B2B Companies’ Most Important Marketing Tool
    Customer testimonials top the list of the most effective forms of content marketing, but people want them to be genuine, and MarketingProfs take a look at recent data examining the power of testimonials for B2B marketers. MarketingProfs

    Report: 65 million US smart speaker owners, smart displays quickly gaining traction
    Awareness of smart speakers has grown significantly in the U.S., making rapid growth in the number of actual smart speaker owners a strong likelihood in 2019 and beyond, according to several recent reports Marketing Land examines. Marketing Land

    How to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search: A Comprehensive Guide | Infographic
    Voice commerce is expected to top $40B by 2022, and by 2020 half of all searches will be via voice, two of numerous findings from data in infographic form that is explored by MarketingProfs. MarketingProfs


    2019 March 15 Marketoonist Cartoon

    A lighthearted look at the marketing tech stack by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    For Pi Day, Calculate Pi Yourself Using Two Colliding Balls — Wired


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