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Digital Marketing News: More Constantly Online, Google’s Digital Graffiti, AI’s Big Data Push

Posted on Mar 23rd, 2018
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Digital Marketing News: More Constantly Online, Google’s Digital Graffiti, AI’s Big Data Push
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    Roughly one in four Americans is online ‘constantly’ according to new Pew Research Center survey data.

    Roughly One in Four Americans is Online ‘Constantly’
    More than a quarter of U.S. adults consider themselves online “almost constantly” according to survey data recently released by the Pew Research Center, a figure that jumps to nearly 39 percent for younger people in the 18-to-29-year-old age group, and Kurt Wagner looks closely at some of the survey’s fascinating statistics. Recode

    Facebook Introduces ‘Store Sales Optimization’ and Other Ad Improvements for Retailers
    Facebook has added three new options for retailers, announcing its expanded store sales optimization, tabs for Canvas, and product categories for dynamic ads, all aimed at improving mobile and offline conversions. Greg Sterling takes a look at some of the details. Marketing Land

    Twitter to Prohibit Range of Cryptocurrency Ads
    Sky News reports that Twitter has plans to eventually ban advertisements for cryptocurrencies, token sales, and initial coin offerings (ICOs), in a move that would follow similar policies implemented by both Facebook and Google this year. Sky News

    Data Suggests Surprising Shift: Duopoly Not All-Powerful – Amazon and Snapchat Are Experiencing Faster Growth
    Amazon and Snapchat are among the firms making faster-than-expected gains into Facebook and Google’s substantial shares of digital ad spending, according to new data. eMarketer

    An AI-Driven Big Data Catalog Will Impact B2B Sales — And It’s Closer Than You Think
    Combining artificial intelligence with big data can be an unbeatable approach to B2B marketing, and Larry Myler takes an in-depth look at this powerhouse combo. Forbes

    Programmatic Adtech for B2B Marketers
    Investment in programmatic adtech among B2B advertisers has increased due to better predictive analytics and attribution and advancements in data management, and Chitra Iyer examines six reasons why. MarTech Advisor

    Advertisers Can Now Target Quora Users Via Their Email Address
    Question-and-answer service Quora has added a feature allowing marketers to target its users by e-mail, with its new List Match Audience update announced recently, expanding on the firm’s advertising platform. Jess Nelson has details. MediaPost

    Pinterest Expands Shopping Ads For Retailers
    After graduating from a pilot program, Pinterest is rolling out its “Shopping Ads” advertising platform, bringing more ad types and campaign management features to retailers in the comiung months. Product catalogs and showcase items that can be shown in context are among the program’s new offerings. AdAge

    Google’s New Experiment Lets You Tag Digital Graffiti In The Real World
    With the release of an experimental app called Just a Line, Google has made it possible to create and tag 3D graffiti in augmented reality, paving the way for some potential creative marketing uses. FastCoDesign

    Facebook Pilots Program to Help Creators Build Advertiser Relationships & Drive Fan Engagement
    A new Facebook pilot initiative that hopes to both drive fan engagement and boost revenue for creators has been announced, allowing an “In App Purchase” label in the App Store and on Google Play. Marketing Land


    The Customer Journey
    Take a look at mapping the customer journey – Marketoonist

    How a Copywriter’s Amazing Tribute to Sprite Got Him Hired at W+K – AdWeek

    How brands have used satire in advertising – Econsultancy


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