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Digital Marketing News: Facebook Domination, Google Snippets & Twitter Sponsored Live Video

Posted on Jun 2nd, 2017
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Digital Marketing News: Facebook Domination, Google Snippets & Twitter Sponsored Live Video
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    Facebook Remains the Dominant Social Platform [Infographic]
    In North America, Facebook still gets more traffic than any other social media platform. In this infographic, you’ll discover statistics on loyalty, growth and reciprocity to understand why Facebook is essential for advertisers and news publishers.(Social Media Today)

    Another Study Shows How Featured Snippets Steal Significant Traffic from the Top Organic Result
    A new study by Ahrefs found that when a featured snippet is present on a Google page, the first organic result received a significant drop in click-through-rate (CTR). Learn who has the highest amount of featured snippets, how it affects search results and what triggers featured snippets. (Search Engine Land)

    Snapchat Moves to Create a Safer Environment for Brands
    Snapchat has partnered with Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify and Moat to better address brand safety. Procedures will be more closely monitored to block inappropriate ads from appearing next to user-generated content. (Advertising Age)

    Visual Content and Social Media Marketing: New Research
    People have been consuming information visually since the beginning of time, and because it’s familiar, visual content should be included in social media marketing. In this study, you’ll learn why visuals are important, the types of visuals marketers should focus on and actionable takeaways to create more compelling visuals to capture your audience. (Social Media Examiner)

    Twitter Adds New Features as It Experiments With Sponsored Live Video
    Twitter aims to find new ways for people to access live video by experimenting with concert promotion, where a reminder button prompts users to set an alert with a countdown clock. A push notification will be sent once the concert is live. This is part of a larger picture in which Twitter helps brands find opportunities to work with live video experiences. (Adweek)

    Google Introduces ‘Buy’ Button in Beta Program
    Google now allows merchants to add a “buy” button to search ads, but since the program is still in beta, merchants must first qualify. Buyers can now purchase a product from Google search if they also use Google Wallet, and by clicking the “buy” button, they will be taken to a Google-hosted page to complete the purchase. (Search Engine Journal)

    PlaceIQ Making Location Intelligence More Accessible With New ‘LandMark’ Tool
    LandMark, a new platform recently launched by PlaceIQ, makes location data and related insights easily accessible to brands. The platform is a license or subscription-based tool that’s primary use is business and customer intelligence. (Marketing Land)

    What Advertisers Look for in Video Content Platforms
    Measurement and reporting are top priorities for brands when deciding which platforms to run pre-roll video ads on. This report looks at engagement, viewability and audience delivery and found that 68% of respondents say social networks are important channels for running digital video ad campaigns. (MarketingProfs)

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