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Digital Marketing News: Facebook’s Subscription Groups & Brand Collabs Manager, New URL Tools at Google, & Employee Advocacy Study

Posted on Jun 29th, 2018
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Digital Marketing News: Facebook’s Subscription Groups & Brand Collabs Manager, New URL Tools at Google, & Employee Advocacy Study
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    Facebook Brand Collabs Manager, Image by Facebook

    Facebook tests ‘subscription Groups’ that charge for exclusive content
    Facebook has begun testing subscription-based Groups among a select array of users, which now allow Group managers to charge monthly for exclusive content, and which will open up new possibilities to digital marketers when rolled out to all users. TechCrunch

    Google Search Console URL Inspector Tool Is Still Rolling Out
    Google has added several features to its beta Search Console that offer greater insight into indexed URLs, including new more detailed crawl, index, and page-serving information, the Internet giant announced this week. SEO Roundtable

    Report: Employee advocacy trumps influencer marketing
    Employee advocacy has gotten recommendations that are seen as more trustworthy than those of traditional influencers, while the accurate measurement of return-on-investment (ROI) remains a top challenge for social media marketers, according to interesting recent Sprout Social report data. PR Daily

    Advertisers will soon have AdWords tools to test & measure creative elements of YouTube video ads
    YouTube advertisers will gain a slew of new testing and measurement utilities in Google AdWords (now known simply as Google Ads), when Google rolls out its Video Experiments, Video Creative Analytics, YouTube Director Mix, and Video Ad Sequencing tools, all currently in beta testing but now being made available to an expanded group of digital marketers. Marketing Land

    Influencer Marketing Is Going Mainstream With Facebook’s Upcoming Tool, Brand Collabs Manager
    With Facebook Brand Collabs Manager, the social media juggernaut has gone all-in with the increasingly important influencer marketing aspect of digital advertising, providing a slate of tools to easily match audience demographics with suitable influencers. AdWeek

    Report: Marketing leaders aren’t keeping up with the speed of data
    Leveraging customer data and employee empowerment are sizable challenges among marketing leaders, according to new survey data from Forbes Insights and Treasure Data, with just one in four companies reporting that they can adequately leverage their available data. MarTech Today

    June 29, 2018 Sprout Social Statistic Image

    Facebook opens up Watch to creators & adds video features to take on YouTube
    With new additions to Facebook Watch, the world’s biggest social media service goes head-to-head with YouTube, expanding video options to include Facebook Pages, and the ability to monetize videos with an updated Ad Breaks component. Marketing Land

    Performance Card In Google My Business
    Google has given companies with a My Business account new ways to measure engagement and reach, with its recently-released Performance Cards for Google Maps feature — a move that offers digital marketers expanded analytics capabilities. Search Engine Roundtable

    Facebook now running autoplay video ads in Messenger
    Facebook has added auto-play inbox video ads to Messenger, which can be hidden but not entirely turned off, offering digital marketers a greater reach potential, the company announced recently. AdAge

    Snapchat experiments with sharing ad revenue with creators
    Snapchat’s new ad revenue-sharing program has given Snap digital creators a potential monetary boost similar to the benefits offered by YouTube, the platform announced recently. DigiDay


    Marketoonist Social Media Policy Cartoon

    A lighthearted look at social media policy, by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    NES Classic Edition makes its long-awaited return to retail on June 29 — Venture Beat

    Google Earth’s new measuring tool is a fun toy for geography nerds — The Next Web

    U.S. reclaims top spot for world’s fastest supercomputer — Venture Beat


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