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Digital Marketing News: Programmatic Ad Challenges, Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

Posted on Aug 18th, 2017
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Digital Marketing News: Programmatic Ad Challenges, Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence
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    The Challenges of Programmatic Advertising and How to Overcome Them [Infographic]
    A new infographic reveals that quality is the biggest issue in programmatic advertising. This includes brand safety, ad fraud and viewability. The good news? There’s a way to overcome those challenges using a multi-layered human and technical approach. MarketingProfs

    Industry Vets Build A Search Engine On Blockchain To Displace Google
    MediaPost reports: “Colin Pape, project lead at, plans to release what he calls a decentralized search engine where no one company controls the content and the data and community members contribute to building the tool.” Read on to learn how it will work. MediaPost

    Building Lasting Consumer Relationships in Retail [Report]
    A new report from Worldwide Business Research (WBR) and Persado shows that 86% of top retail marketers are investing up to multi-millions in AI this year. 69% are already using AI or machine learning within their organization. These marketers expect AI to make them more effective in terms of engagement, manage risk and stay ahead of the competition. Persado

    Digital transformation in B2B marketing is slowed by the lack of an adoption strategy
    A recent report shows that 21% of marketers surveyed have adopted digital transformation programs — with 9% of marketers saying they’ve had a strategy in place for two years and 6% saying they’re convinced that their company’s digital marketing integration is completely optimized. The Drum

    Introducing Watch, a New Platform For Shows On Facebook
    Facebook has released a new show-based video platform called ‘Watch’. This new platform is similar in functionality to YouTube, but emphasizes serial or episodic content. Watch will also allow video producers to monetize their content, however those details are currently unclear. Facebook Newsroom

    Lead Generation to Increase Conversions [Report]
    According to Ascend2: “A most important objective for 71% of marketing influencers to achieve with their lead generation strategy is to increase lead-to-customer conversions. This requires improving the quality of lead data – an important objective for half (50%) of marketing influencers.” The study also notes that 50% of marketers surveyed also listed lead quality as a top challenge. Ascend2

    AdWords mobile extensions get major upgrades with tappable sitelinks & more visible content
    Google has announced that AdWords mobile sitelinks are becoming interactive, and they’ll begin to emphasize callouts and structured snippets on mobile. These extensions are going to fall in-line with ad copy. Search Engine Land

    Snapchat Acquired Location Measurement Company Placed for $135 Million
    Snapchat recently released how much they paid to acquire Placed in an effort to increase advertising effectiveness — a cool $135.2 million. Coupled with their recent acquisition of Zenly, it appears that Snapchat is gearing up for more data and location driven features and advertising features. AdWeek

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