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Digital Marketing News: LinkedIn’s Group Upgrade, Google’s Expanding Snippets & Search Console, & Curiosity In Marketing

Posted on Aug 24th, 2018
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Digital Marketing News: LinkedIn’s Group Upgrade, Google’s Expanding Snippets & Search Console, & Curiosity In Marketing
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    Psychology of Advertising Image August 24 2018

    The Psychology of Advertising: Thinking vs. Feeling [Infographic]
    Each person is exposed to an average of nearly two million television advertisements and commercials each year. To help your ads be seen and recalled, using emotional content often outperforms rational content, according to new infographic data by USC Dornsife College. MarketingProfs

    LinkedIn to Integrate Groups into the Mobile App
    LinkedIn (client) has announced changes focused on streamlining discussion and comments in LinkedIn Groups, with threaded replies, mobile integration, and other improvements. Search Engine Journal

    ‘Instagram playgrounds’ for the hashtag obsessed are taking over U.S. cities
    Instagram has been creating real-life photo-op playgrounds, but how can marketers and brands utilize interactive pop-ups? NBC News

    Google Launches Expandable Featured Snippets
    Google has announced more robust search result snippets. With an automatically-generated click-to-expand version now live, digital marketers have new snippet optimization opportunities. SEO Roundtable

    As demand for Instagram Stories ads heats up, some early adopters turn to Facebook Stories
    Ad rates for many Instagram Stories advertisers have continued to rise, causing some smaller brands to turn back to Facebook Stories. DigiDay

    The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views
    The challenges of combating purchased fake YouTube video views are examined in a new New York Times piece, but many questions remain. The New York Times

    2018 August 24 Statistics Image

    Facebook Launches New Process to Convert Still Images to Video, New Ad Creative Guide
    Facebook has rolled out a new creative guide for advertisers, and a featuring that turns images into lightweight-motion video, at a lower cost than full video, but will brands see benefits? Social Media Today

    Why You Should Put a Little More Thought into Your Out-of-Office Message
    The Harvard Business Review takes a close look at the under-utilized marketing opportunities that abound for out-of-office messages. Harvard Business Review

    New Google Search Console has added the links reports from the old interface
    Google has rolled out new features to its Search Console, including a new links report, mobile usability updates, and other site management additions that should be welcome among digital marketers. Search Engine Land

    The Business Case for Curiosity
    The Harvard Business Review examines the business benefits, creative solutions, and barriers that come along with curiosity. Harvard Business Review


    2018 August 24 Marketoonist Tom Fishburne Cartoon
    A lighthearted look at fake influence and authenticity by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Atari cofounder’s son Tyler Bushnell brings back retro arcades with Polycade — VentureBeat

    Chuck Norris Gets Replaced by Truck Norris — AdWeek

    Google created a fake pizza brand to test out creative strategies for YouTube ads — TechCrunch


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