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Digital Marketing News: Social Storefront, The Trust Project and Facebook’s New App

Posted on Nov 17th, 2017
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Digital Marketing News: Social Storefront, The Trust Project and Facebook’s New App
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    Social Content is the New Storefront [Infographic]
    Regardless what others might say, social content is here to stay. Instead of heading to local storefronts, consumers are now heading to social media platforms to find what they need in the in and off-season. Social Media Today

    Google tries to bring more transparency to news content with help from The Trust Project
    Google has teamed up with The Trust Project that works with over 75 news organizations to determine the difference between quality and promotional content that may be plagued with misinformation. Search Engine Land

    Facebook’s New App Connects Creators With Video, Fans And Watch Shows
    Facebook is on the hunt for new influencers and wants to see how these experts interact with their networks. Their new app will give “internet stars” a chance to publish, edit and film live video with their audiences. AdAge

    Google’s Big Daddy Update: Big Changes to Google’s Infrastructure & the SERPs
    Big Daddy has been on the scene since 2005 as part of infrastructure changes. And while it hasn’t always been a fan favorite, it has impacted the approach to SEO. Search Engine Journal

    The State Of Subscription Video, In 5 Charts
    With more and more content publishers and brands looking to video as the new frontier, many are also looking to monetize their offerings. But how well does subscription video perform in our current content landscape? Digiday

    Google aims to make apps for Google Assistant more functional and discoverable
    Are homes getting smarter with the help of Google? According to Google, they are making a number of updates to make it easier for third party apps to integrate and develop specific items for key users. Search Engine Land

    The Huge Impact of Amazon This Holiday Season (And How Retailers Can Compete)
    It’s getting even harder to compete with larger retailers during the holiday season. In fact, a new report found that shoppers expect to make at least one purchase for Amazon. Where does that leave other retailers during the holiday season? MarketingProfs

    LinkedIn lets advertisers generate leads from Sponsored InMail, Dynamic Ad campaigns
    As of April (no fools) LinkedIn launched their lead gen forms which let advertisers collect information through Sponsored Content Ads.Now, these options are available to members using the Sponsored InMail ad format which has enabled brands to add their own questions to the forms. MarketingLand

    What were your top digital marketing news stories this week?

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