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Elevate B2B Marketing News Weekly Roundup: AI’s Rising Use In B2B & Meta’s Swift Threads Launch

Posted on Jul 7th, 2023
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Elevate B2B Marketing News Weekly Roundup: AI’s Rising Use In B2B & Meta’s Swift Threads Launch
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    Younger B2B buyers are the main reason marketers need to refresh their social media marketing strategies
    46.5 percent of B2B buyers use social media to connect with B2B brands, while 61.1 percent of U.S. LinkedIn users will be comprised of members of the millennial and Gen Z demographic by the end of 2023, according to newly-published forecast data. When it comes to how B2B buyers prefer reaching B2B sellers, email, phone, and social media were the top methods, survey data has shown. Insider Intelligence

    In B2B, Being Good Is Good for Business [Merkle B2B Superpowers Index]
    B2B buyers have seen a 74 percent rise in interest in sustainability, accompanied by a 17 percent increase in interest in developing sustainability programs — two of numerous findings of interest to B2B marketers contained in recently-released Merkle survey findings. ANA

    In Bid to Improve CX, B2B Marketers Look to Expand Their Retention Strategies
    43 percent of B2B marketers have said that customer retention was their top customer experience priority in 2023 — up from 40 percent during 2022 — with 39 percent pointing to investment in new creative and content, and the same portion noting better aligning teams and tactics to create a more seamless brand experience, according to newly-published survey data. MarketingCharts

    AI has the power to change B2B market research forever
    Generative AI is particularly well-suited for B2B marketing research initiatives, with ChatGPT and other AI tools able to assist in the expansion of brand category entry points and more, and Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo of LinkedIn’s The B2B Institute take a deep dive for Marketing Week. Marketing Week

    “AI will expand the market for marketers and market researchers. Every B2B (and B2C) brand needs to understand their customers at scale to build better marketing and build better products.” — Jon Lombardo @JonLombardo Share on X

    Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter rival passed 30 million signups overnight — here’s how to use Meta’s Threads app and what’s missing
    Facebook and Instagram parent Meta has rolled out its separate Twitter-like Threads app a day earlier that planned, with the new social media platform garnering over 30 million users in only the first 16 hours since sign-ups began, Meta recently announced.
    . CNBC

    FTC Requirements for Influencers
    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has finalized an updated set of endorsement and testimonial guidelines for social media influencers and creators, and TermsFeed recently explored new disclosure best-practices and more. TermsFeed

    2023 July 7 statistics image

    Instagram Will Now Let You Add Up to Three Collaborators on Posts and Reels
    Meta-owned Instagram has rolled out a new feature that increases its previous limit of one content collaborator to three, bringing a wide range of new content co-creation options to creators and influencers on the social platform, Instagram recently announced. Social Media Today

    ChatGPT Forecasts Use To Grow Nearly 900% In 2023
    By the end of 2023 some 61.5 million internet users will have submitted a prompt to the generative AI (GAI) tool ChatGPT, an 882 percent increase from 2022’s 6.3 million, while 20 percent of the U.S. population is expected to use a GAI platform as least once a month during 2023, according to newly-published AI forecast data of interest to B2B marketers. MediaPost

    How animated creative ad formats could yield stronger attention, recall metrics [Study]
    Brand recall was seen to increase by up to 25 percent for animated advertising over static ads, with additional recall benefits affecting attention, memorability, and engagement figures, according to recently-released ad format survey data of interest to digital marketers. DigiDay

    LinkedIn’s Experimenting with Monetization Opportunities for Creators
    Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has begun testing the ability for creators and influencers on the professional social platform to share a variety of collaborative campaign analytics with brands, which could lead to additional brand partnership opportunities. Social Media Today


    2023 July 7 Marketoonist Comic

    A lighthearted look at the “5 Stages of Price Promotions” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Adobe’s Hilarious ‘Office Space’ Sendup Starring Hasan Minhaj Is a Tribute to 30 Years of the PDF — Adweek


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