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Feed Overload – How To Catch Up?

Posted on Apr 10th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    Feed OverloadWell I was out all last week on vacation. It was very nice and I didn’t use a computer once; except for a slot machine. But now I’m back and my feed reader is overloaded with hundreds of unread posts. How does one catch up?

    My thoughts are this:

    1. Spend a couple hours reading though them.
    2. Spend an hour quickly scanning them and not really reading anything.
    3. Mark all as read and just start fresh.
    4. Spend the next week or two catching up on a few feeds at a time.
    5. Multi Task by reading feeds and watching American Idol at the same time. (ha ha)

    Now I love the information in each feed, but when someone misses a few days, the unread count can be overwhelming. So much that I avoided them all together yesterday.

    Have any tips or thoughts on how to handle feed overload?