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Finding Good Blogs

Posted on Dec 21st, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    Finding good blogs can be a challege. If you’re into voting for blogs, KBCafe Blog Award Voting is going on between now and Dec 31st. There are several search engine and marketing related categories including:

    Best Google Blog
    Best Yahoo! Blog
    Best Microsoft Blog
    Best Webvertising Blog
    Best SEO Blog
    Best Marketing Blog

    This blog, Online Marketing Blog is somehow mentioned in the Best SEO Blog category along with some very good company: 

    Search Engine Marketing Weblog – More of a news blog on search engines with some SEO.
    Matt Cutts – Not an SEO blog per se. It’s about putting the kibosh on SEO. He even dreams of it!
    Search Engine Roundtable – More about SEO than any others in my opinion.

    How Online Marketing Blog got in there, out of probably several hundred other SEO blogs, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just because of the ranking for: "SEO blog" on Google. Who knows?

    What like about these blog rating things is that you get exposed to new blogs that are really good. The KBCafe Blog Award has all kinds of blogs:  Food, Sci Fi, Disease, Toronto, Hockey (makes sense with Toronto), Right wing, Left wing and even blogs about War. I found a few good blogs in there and have added them to my feed reader.

    Check it out and you may find some blogs that are new and interesting.

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