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Five Reasons Why I Blog

Posted on Apr 5th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    I haven’t participated in a blog meme for a while so Andy Beal who was tagged by Nathan who was tagged by Randy went and tagged me, so here goes:

    1. Like Andy, I started blogging (Dec 2003) as a way to save information, comment on it and share with coworkers.
    2. Blogging is a fantastic marketing tool. Our biggest clients ($30bn to $80bn) had read our blog for several months and then called to do business. What’s not to like about that sales cycle?
    3. Blogging is a great connector for both online and offline social networking. People read our blog, say hi at conferences and many of those turn into friendships or business relationships. I also always mention our blog when I meet people offline or in interviews which often turns them into RSS subscribers.
    4. Blogging is a great way to flush out article content and a way to practice presentations. I often take 300 word blog posts and turn them into a 1000 word article. I’ve also found it useful when creating a brand new presentation for a conference, to blog what I’m going to talk about as a way to gel ideas that I want to present.
    5. Blogging provides a way to vent professionally. I’m not much of a cat poster, but I don’t mind a good rant once in a while as a way to get others’ opinions about a certain topic.

    OK, I’ve done my five, now who to tag….