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GeekBeat.TV Interview: Optimizing the Customer to Content Connection

Posted on Jun 25th, 2012
Written by Lee Odden
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  • GeekBeat.TV Interview: Optimizing the Customer to Content Connection
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    At BlogWorld New Media Expo in New York, John P. and Cali Lewis had me on their show where we talked about a mix of digital marketing topics including “walk the talk” marketing consulting, the power of word of mouth, the value of influence, common marketing challenges for companies, ROI vs. the promise of ROI, budget limitations vs. culture, the “must do” of getting started with social media.

    Those companies that take the time to understand who their audiences and influencers are can dig into optimal means of information discovery, what target audience preferences are for media type and format, and how to inspire action whether it’s a referral or a sale.  With that insight, marketers can work to develop a plan to continuously optimize the brand’s effectivenss at connecting content with customers all across the lifecycle: awareness, interest, consideration, purchase, retention, advocacy.

    The result is more word of mouth, shorter sales cycles and more efficient customer acquisition. It also means more intentional efforts at being useful to customers after the sale through easily discovered and shared content.  The deep dive on this approach to online marketing is of course easily found within Optimize.

    I don’t usually post video interviews that I do here, but because of the impressive interviewing skills John and Cali have, it’s one of the better interviews I’ve done and does a good job of describing an optimized state of mind for Marketing, PR, HR and Customer Service.