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Giving Thanks

Posted on Nov 23rd, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Today makes me think of the many, many people who I am very greatful to for sharing insight that has been instrumental to our business sucess, that have made important introductions and referrals or provided opportunities for us to take our biz to the next level. Many of these people probably have no idea what they did that was so helpful, but they did and it is very much appreciated.

    • A huge thank you to our clients, who make every day worth it in this business
    • The team at TopRank Marketing – For sharing our vision of becoming the leading search marketing agency in our region and top specialists in new media PR world wide.
    • Susan Misukanis – For being an inspirational business partner, motivator and strategic thinker. And for running things so I can travel the country evangelizing TopRank
    • Heather Lloyd Martin – Had confidence to let me participate in DMA conferences
    • Ed Kohler – For making introductions to SEO/SEM thought leaders, offering priceless insight into the search marketing industry early on and being a great all around guy. He also writes for a fantastic blog, Technology Evangelist.
    • Kim Krause Berg and Jill Whalen – Who unknowingly motivated me years ago to stop lurking and get involved with the search marketing industry
    • Mike McDonald – A fun guy to hang out with at conferences and for being so kind in coverage of TopRank on WebProNews
    • Todd Malicoat – Key introductions to resources and a very smart SEO
    • Kristina Halvorson – For inviting me to do my first speaking gig on SEO and to serve on the board at MIMA. She’s also a TOP NOTCH web copywriter and content strategist
    • Andy Beal – For being a great resource even when he didn’t have to, being a great supporter and for his consulting services
    • Brett Tabke – For involving me with the WebmasterWorld Pubcon conferences
    • Andy Atkins-Kruger – Introductions and a great guy to hit steakhouses with at conferences
    • Eric Ward – All around good guy who appreciates links as much (actually more) than I do
    • Rok Hrastnik – Did my first podcast interview about social media optimization 2 years ago (although we didn’t call it that then)
    • Amanda Watlington – An immensely intelligent person who is a fantastic networker and resource
    • David Mcinnis – A friend and a very smart entrepreneur
    • Paul Chaney – For making some very valuable introductions and now his company, Blogging Systems, is a client
    • Greg McGee – Excellent referrals and a top notch web design agency
    • Jim Boykin – Referrals, super savvy SEO and all around great guy
    • Aaron Wall – Willing to answer odd IM questions late at night (at least he used to) and a great SEO resource
    • Barry Schwartz – For having me blog SES with his team and for doing such a great job with SEW
    • Rand Fishkin – Referrals and for writing the best SEO blog on the planet
    • Danny for giving me one last chance on a panel at SES and a thank you in advance for that interview he might do someday in the future 🙂
    • Greg and Brian – Coolest smart marketers out there and always good natured even after a hard night of … I mean working.
    • Everyone that let me do interviews about search marketing or videos at conferences
    • All the people at Google, Yahoo, Ask and AOL that have been kind enough to provide information, resources and interviews

    I know I’ve forgotten people, and I am sorry about that – you are free to give me grief in the comments. 🙂